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Posted by Kevin G.


Shepherd's Bush, Greater London

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Wednesday, 10th Oct 2018
Hi - Kevin here - I have a pretty unique task I need assistance with!

I love dogs! Who doesn't?!

In fact, the Butternut Box team are so proud of the provenance and quality of our dog food that we personally taste test each home-cooked and human-grade recipe ourselves.

But we need your help. We'd like to prove our marketing department's claims that our recipes really are as good as we say they are, so we're looking for the Ultimate Dog Lover with top notch taste buds to review our latest recipes that we’ve cookinged up!

You'll be required to give valuable impartial feedback on the ingredient quality, meal texture and taste for each recipe.

Obviously - this task isn’t for everyone - so we are only looking for the most truly paw-sionate dog lovers to apply!

In exchange for your assistance, the selected candidate will be crowned Top Dog by the Butternut Box team, be paid a generous £600, and get to spend the day playing with pups at our office whilst you complete the task.

How to get involved:
Whether you’re a young pup or an old dog, make an offer and leave a comment letting me know why you would be the best person to help me with this unique task.

Task Details:
Visit our HQ in White City for live taste testing
Be available in October (dates flexible)
Give feedback based on crib sheet for 3 recipes
Leave with a doggie bag full of goodies and a tall tail to tell your friends
  • must love dogs!
Couldn’t be happier to find this listing on here, I LOVE dogs and I love food!! This is an absolute dream task for me and with my experience with pups and food technology I would be so delighted to assist the marketing team in proving their claims. This is my first time hearing of butternut box but I have just gone through their twitter and done a bit of research and am also loving the fun, upbeat vibes and charity work, I would absolutely love to visit! I am flexibly available all October and excited to hear back!
I love dogs and have always been conscious about what my dogs eat - it has to be gluten, grain and dairy free. I am also a nutritionist so know what is good for. If I wouldn’t eat it why should my dog!
Hi! I’m passionate about dogs ! I have Chucky for 8 years. He is a Yorkshire Terrier. I was always curious about the dog food! I can definitely do this for you. I look forward to hearing for you!
Ian E.
Woody our Irish Terrier loves BB & BB loves Woody. I have already been in touch with your team asking to visit your offices so this would be a PERFECT way to learn more about what you guys do. I'm passionate about what we feed our dogs and sooooo pleased BB are being successful doing the right thing!!
Can I bring the Woodster with me? ... He's bound to have an opinion :-)
Dan C.
I already taste my dogs food out of their Butternut Box. I’m an avid cook and like experimenting with flavours. I believe in animal testing, but only on animals like me. I have a growing vlog and would love to vlog about this and butternut box food!
Firstly, every time Teddy eats his Butternut meals I’m silently very jealous because it smells “ruff-ly” he gobbles it down every time. Not bad for a very fussy dog!
I absolutely love food and trying new things. I’ve been telling all my fellow doggy mums about your food & how it’s safe for humans to eat. Makes sense for me to prove that!!!!
I would be great for this task because I am training to be a Vet! I know exactly what should be added to dog food and what shouldn’t be and therefore I would be the ideal candidate to try something like this!
I've wanted to do this kind of work since I saw an article about it a few months ago and wondered how to apply for it, so it was exciting to receive the card about it in my latest delivery of Butternut Box. I have a lovely rescue dog from Battersea and as he had a difficult start to his life, found in the street as a puppy then abandoned by 3 owners in his first 18 months, I felt he deserved the best food I could find. He always has Butternut Box and he loves it - it also keeps him the right weight. I've loved dogs all my life and rescued strays when I was a child, so we always had a house full of them. I used to lie down with them and secretly ate their food, so I have experience! I work from home running a small business but can't be without dogs so I also look after other people's dogs while they're at work. This means I see all the kinds of dog food people give to their pets and none of it matches up to Butternut Box. I'm known for my sense of smell and taste and always have been. When I first graduated I applied for work as a tea taster and the idea of this kind of work has always appealed.I'm sure I could do a great job for you and would like to be a part of your work making great tasty and healthy meals for dogs. Dogs do so much for us and they love eating so we shouldn't give them boring food - they deserve human quality food the looks, smells and tastes great.
After growing up in a family who breed labradors i know that feeding them the best quality food, gets the best out of the dog. It is the most important thing anyone who has a dog should keep their mind, no matter what breed of dog they have in their lives. I now have 2 black labs (one who is 8.5 years called Winston and one who is 12 months called Stanley) they both come to work with me every day. I run a rural based 22 room dog friendly hotel, which has a dog menu, made with human grade produce, so i have an idea or two about what this task involves. I would love to be a taste tester, as dogs are a personal passion of mine, it would make a nice change from taste testing the food which is about to go on the menu for the human hotel guests. My dogs are my family they are not just my dogs. I work daily in an environment where I see how important is it to our guests who bring their canine family on holiday with them, that they get the best quality and tasting food. I would love also to do this task then i could tell our guests about this brilliant company who have fabulous products, its a win, win situation. The owner of the hotel has just moved her dog onto your products as well. Which is where i heard about this task opportunity from.
Hope to hear from you soon Katie
Being a dog walker, dog groomer and home boarder, as well as being owned by a gorgeous Border Terrier, I think it's safe to say I am a dog lover. I just recently bought a Butternut Box for my BT who is super happy with the change and I would love to help the taste team to find new, exciting, nutritional flavours for their future products.
My older brother used to make me eat dog kibble as a child, so I've been waiting all my life for an opportunity like this. I've seen the ads quite a bit and I know Butternut Box is a step above any other dog food. If we as humans are moving towards healthier, less processed foods then mans best friend deserves the same. I've made food from scratch in the past for my furry friends but it's not always convenient or easy. I love the idea of Butternut Box and would be honoured to test it out for my furry friends all over the world.
We switched our dog onto Butternut and it smells delicious and I have always been tempted to have a little taste! If we don't mash it up for our boy he will pick up the whole chunk and inhale it! He's normally very fussy but loves this so if it's approved by him it must be good!
I use butternut box, as does my little pooch, I am available and am a registered veterinary nurse, so could help promote this also :)
It's simple. Normal dog food looks disgusting, smells disgusting and I'm sure dogs only eat it as that's what we are meant to give them. They always prefer 'human food' leftovers so why should we expect them to eat anything less than the best.

I'm pretty sure all the Butternut Box recipes smell better than anything I can cook, and I've been tempted on a few occasions to add a bit of mashed potato and make myself a shepherd's pie!! I love my dogs, I'm pretty sure I spend more on their food than I do my own. I also happen to be free on Wednesdsy October 10th, although it does so happen that my Butternut box delivery is due on that day 😁
My mum has been a loyal Butternut Box customer and informed me of this opportunity, and when I heard I had to apply. I’ve recently moved to London as a student and one of the most devastating factors of the move was leaving the two family dogs back at home. I found to love them more and more when I was growing up and I truly believe dogs are a source of bringing pure happiness and joy to the world! I think that helping the progress of dog nutrition alongside the experience itself sounds like something I would love to be a part of!
I will be the perfect candidate for this task because it’s not only the thing that I love dogs , it’s because I am very worried about the health of my dog and what she eats . Since I found Butternut Box she is very healthy I did a lot of research about what it’s the best for her , I cook for her some treats and snacks , and everything I buy I check every ingredient and I taste it first , if I know is good for me I will know 100% that is good for her . Her health is the most important for me and I think every owner have to do the same , kibble is not good for our dogs , if we don’t eat it why let our best friends eat it for the rest of their life ? I already tried the food that Butternut Box give it to my dog and I think we need to show the world that we need to feed our dogs with the best quality in food like we do to our children or to ourselves.

My dog is a 1 yo Jack Russell terrier very active and good eater .
Tom T.
I daily cook it for him! And it seems tasty! Eheh
I think I will be great for this task purely for the fact I absolutely live for my dog and all dogs around the world. If I can make a difference I will, be that shelters I follow on facebook/Instagram who need monthly donations eg Soi Dog Foundation who I regularly give to and other small shelters. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback who has just turned 2 and is my absolute world! I don't have any children yet but he has happily filled that gap for me :) his name is Zeus and he is literally my shadow. We sleep together, eat together and just about do everything we can together... I would genuinely be lost without him and... honestly, if it wasnt for him, I don't think I would be here. He is the purest form of love anyone could ask for. I have recently changed his diet which is where I found this leaflet, he absolutely loves his new food and it's made him even more happier... I'm so grateful, so if I can help in anyway I can to help other dogs get happiness from their food I will. I would be very happy to try a dogs dinner and give my honest feedback. If I was to get any money for it, it would all go to making Zeus happier, he does need some new toys :p he destroys all of his! And the dogs in the shelters ofcourse! I really hope you choose me, I'm really excited to see how it tastes. Thank you, Katie
I believe i would be the best person for the task because my wife is already an Ambassador of Butternut Box and our two huskies can't get enough of the stuff. With running a very busy behaviour business we're forever trying out homemade treats in the house and i have to be the tester before the dogs!
I'm not afraid to try anything - literally anything! Love experimenting with food and would love to assist in bringing new recipes to the BB catalogue. I honestly don't think there is anything i wouldn't do for dogs, and if i can be a part of making their lives even better by testing new food, then sign me up right now! I must admit, i already eat a little bit of the current food as it smells better than the wife's cooking! Really look forward to the opportunity in helping out, even if you don't select me for this particular challenge, if there's anything you need help with at all, i'll be your guy.
I love dogs and eat dog treats on a ‘one for you, one for me’ basis every day with my dog Luna.
I love dogs....will only feed my beloved Oli butternut box food... it always smells sooo good so happy to take part

Massive dog lover here, and had worst things in my mouth than dog food so I'm willing to accept the offer, should you consider me a candidate.

Get in touch if so.

I am well suited to this task as I have a refined and sensitive palate (sushi and Vietnamese and Thai food lover since young age as well as regularly cook of most of these cuisines) and am an all round animal lover (particularly ants, insects, dogs, cats, capybara, ring-tailed coati and monitor lizards). I’ve had (and have) many ant farms at home as well as 2 Labradors and the share looking after neighbours 2 cats. I have no qualms and would try anything once (except morris dancing or ***********), especially when it has potential to benefit humans or animals (or anything living really)
I love dogs. Having had them since I was born I truly think they are the most loving thing about. There is a lot we can learn from dogs and how they are always there no matter what.
Dogs need to eat a balanced diet and having two dogs that I cook for daily they eat better than me. Store brought dog food is not appealing to dogs and is the same thing day in day out and as a human we would not like it so why give it to our dogs.
I have great tsste buds, feed all my 8 dogs better than I eat myself, having a varied bunch i have a good choice of mixed breeds all with their own digestive problems to trial food on, luckily none of them are fussy
Nina S.
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I am actually currently in the process of rescuing a stray puppy from Morocco, and have always had animals. I’ve never had a dog before this one, but I love them! I’ve been a dog Walker for various friends for years and love to spend time with them as I think they help keep a healthy and happy state of mind.
I am available throughout October and I’d love nothing more than to spend a day playing with puppies and dogs while taste testing for you!
Thank you,
I adore all animals so much so I gave up the corporate world to be able to work with animals. I also have excellent taste buds, all my cooking is always done by taste & never following a recipe. I can usually tell ingredients/flavourings by taste alone.
Lee B.
Because my Bischon Maltese love your food and I would love the life of my Bischon Maltese x
My favourite breed has to be the lovely, loyal, loveable Labrador! I currently have a lab cross collie called Luna who is incredibly fussy when it comes to her diet, so why not see what the fuss is about for myself!
My favourite breed of dog are Dachshunds (I have one myself). I'd love to do this task because I'm so conscious of what Theo eats. He's currently on Butternut Box & loves it but i'd love to try it myself so i can double check ;)
Zoe P.
I am a veterinary student and have just completed my 3rd year of vet school. I have dedicated my entire life and career to looking after animals - and I would particularly like to become a small animal vet. I think that this makes me the ULTIMATE dog lover. I have a fantastic knowledge of animal nutrition and health so not only can I help review these products by taste, I can also offer my professional opinion on the nutritional quality of your recipes! I understand that all dogs are individuals and some can be very fussy. I have a fussy Yorkshire terrier mysself and know all about creating different recipes to finally get her to enjoy her meals. I really do love animals, especially dogs. They are so intelligent and I think that having someone to taste these recipies is a really fantastic concept as they deserve as good as we can give them. I would love to be a part of this task and I would love to meet a new group of dogs. I think it would be a great experience for me as a veterinary student and a dog lover.

I found this task with the butternut brush I had delivered for my dog. I have been brushing his teeth a few times a week and he is responding to it really well. We clearly both have good taste!
I love and adore animals! I have a dog and a cat! Its important to me to feed my pets good quality, nutritional food! I myself am a huge foodie so I think I’d be perfect for the taste test!
I would like to taste any new recipes that my puppy will be eating . She is the most precious thing in my life and she deserves the best . It would be nice to meet the team who help me keep her happy and healthy
I am a lover of dogs firstly but my family pets have always had specific catered dog food from our local vet who provided the flyer for this task. Ironic but I do consider my pallet to be quite in tune :) Kind Regards, Aaron
I love dogs, I love food and I'm a bloody great cook and know what goes with what. My favourite breed of dog is cavachon like my Alfie. He's adorable, so sweet natured, fun but can have a cuddle on the sofa when you want to cuddle up and watch a good film.
Hello team Butternut! First thing's first, my favourite breed has to be my dog Lilly's breed, the Parson Jack Russell! Lilly has been a big fan of butternut ever since her puppy days. She absolutely loves the stuff, your beef recipe is a firm favourite of hers. In fact, I have been know to have a little taste myself on occasion. It just smells sooo good, I couldn't resist! I... oops Lilly! would love to see what new delicious recipes butternut will conjure up next!
I love dogs, I love animals in general. I personally have two cats at home due to my mother’s preferences but I have grown up around dogs all my life. They cling to me like a baby clings to its favourite stuffed animal!! It would be a fun experience to try what you guys conjure up in your kitchen and know that dogs are getting the same great foods as we do!
I love food and I love dogs
I love my dog and he loves his food so let’s do this
Sam I.
My blue staffy is allergic to everything. I’ve never known such an itchy dog, but butternut box has helped her be a normal dog. I on the other hand have always been fussy with food so if I like it then it’s got to be good.
I have no favourite breed of dog as I love them all! My dream in life is be to be welcomed home by a twenty strong posse of dogs of all shapes and sizes and to be knocked off my feet with doggy hugs and sloppy kisses. Unfortunately in reality I only live in a small 2 bed terraced house, so for the time being my little Boston Terrier, Howie makes up for about ten large size doggy hugs 'n kisses. Since switching to your food our Howie has not stopped begging for more. I had to up his dosage after the trial box and have a feeling he is going to be getting a bit tubby before long! Obviously your food looks and smells delicious so I would be very happy to try some new recipes for our four legged friends, the added bonus would be to meet the pups and humans behind such a great brand.

Kind Regards
I have loved this service from the minute I signed up. The interaction I have had with the staff have been great and my dog could not be happier with the dinners and the little treats that come in the boxes! I'm so interested to see a bit of what goes into making his food and understand why he's so crazy for it! Pick us!! Oh and my favourite breed is a chihuahua jack russell cross (which is what my baby is, obviously)!!
Well it took me two weeks to realise that my husband hadn’t ordered me a box full of butternut squash based freezer food meals for one for my lunches!

They were delicious, I’m now weaning myself off of them, so will gladly get my fix in the name of taste testing!!!
I am a loyal costumer of Butternut Box. This food is enjoyed not only by my dog Bond, but also four of my cats. I love this company for high quality and dedication to customer satisfaction. It would be an honor to help develop new flavors and recipes. And my favorite dog breed is anything mix, because I love those unexpected results of crossbreeding and believe these dogs are the cutest and deserve the most attention, especially the ones in shelters.
My boss gets the Butternut Box delivered to work every month and it is one of the exciting times of the month as I get to read what
delicious recipes her dog (Jelly) gets to eat. Jelly does not share food and I would love to taste what her dog food tastes like! I love Great Danes but I live in a small flat so opted for a rabbit instead...
My favourite breed of dog is a cross breed Chorkie, my little Lola. I want to find out why she loves her butternut box food so much!
I believe I am the right person to be a doggy food critique as I am extremely conscious about what I currently feed my pooch! I have just moved Dotty off a dry dog food onto Butternut Box and she absolutely loves it, I actually can’t believe how much she is enjoying this new food, when I have been boiling chicken and frying steak for 8 years to try and get her to eat her food. I would love to be part of the team to develop more recipes outside of the ones currently available. I know Dotty would want a bigger menu to chomp through so for all the dogs out there who are yet to experience this dog food heaven! – pick me….
I'm a dog lover and a serious foodie. Plus I work freelance (writer, PR, tour guide), so availability not an issue. My work is in communications so providing clear, constructive feedback won't be a problem.
Also, why would I feed my boys something I wouldn't eat? Before signing up with Butternut I made up their food - meat from the butcher's, fish and raw vegetables. Would have eaten it no problem. Will happily taste Butternut food.
Seriously, I'm the only new member of Staff(ie) you need :)
Hi, i am a customer of yours and i received the box yesterday with a flayer aboit this job. I am really interested in the job as my dog loce your food so much that many times i was wondering what is in there that she likes that much. When she sees the pouch she starts spinning around and the food is gone within seconds. She eats everything basically, but does not behave like that with any other food. She is also much fitter after your food and she gets lots of complements. I cannot wait till you develop treats and perhaps dry food. Thank you very much!
I am an animal lover and I always have been. I completed a degree in Animal Behaviour in which I have studied along with many other animals, dogs! Therefore being around them is not an issue for me at all, in fact it is where I am best.
During my placement year at an animal shelter one of my favourite tasks was dishing out the food for the various animals in our care including cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.
This would be done in the mornings to which some people would find the smell overwhelming but not myself. On some occasions in which food would have to be heated up in order to seem more appealing to some animals which make need to have medication snuck into their food. This would also make it more enticing to myself and I can say I have tried pet food before.
I currently work for an animal charity so anything I can do to improve the nutrition of our nation's dogs is great with me.
I hope you are the person you are looking for and I would more than happy to help.
If it's good enough for me, it's good enough for Biscuit...and I need to check!
I feel I would be great for this task as I love food and I love dogs. What more do you need :)

I have a rather picky westie that has a very sensitive tummy so I like to know what goes into each of his meals and I’m very keen to support a task such as this.

Oh, my favourite dog is between a dachshund or a westie.
I would be great for this task as have two mixed breed, rescue dogs of my own who have specific dietary requirements so testing food on them would be beneficial to you - I also have access to other dogs, pure breed, that I look after for family members so I believe it would offer you a great range to work with. Also I have a background as a Vet receptionist and I adore creative writing so have a great mix of skills.

So unique task but I love dogs and im a massive foodie so grateful taste buds. Im open minded and up for challenges and I would be happy to complete the task :)
I feed my dog Butternut Box and have researched all ingredients in the food to make sure it is the right food for my dog. I want to ensure she continues to have the best food possible and would like to ensure all other owners have the opportunity to feed their dogs the best as well.
I have the fussiest dog ever. She's a cross between a pomeranian and a mini poodle so is absolutely adorable and is an epilleptic rescue dog, when we got her we loved her instantly, not just like one of the family; as if she were the glue of our family but we could not, for the life of us, get her to eat food. Then we found Butternut Box, which she always eats, without fail. I am also an aspiring vet so I have a deep love for all animals, but dogs are by far my favourite. I would be the best person for this job because I know how fussy dogs can be and I would only want them to have the best quality food, so they can enjoy their meals just as much as we do. I also helped work with dogs in the veterinary clinic at a rescue centre, feeding them and cuddling them prior to and after their operations, which was so lovely because all dogs have amazing personalities if you get on the right side of them. Honestly, I just love dogs.
Hi I absolutely adore all animals but especially dogs I willing to complete this task for you not a problem
I’m fed up of having to feel bad every time my dog is begging from me especially when I’m eating cheese or chocolate or anything else that is rumoured to be bad for him.
I feel like he ought to start sharing his dinner and I guess taking part in this task would provide me with reassurance that dog food is more than just safe for human consumption but might even taste nice!
I would love to see Toby’s confused little face if I start chowing down on his breakfast!
I've eaten worse dog food before.
I’ll be a good choice for this task I’m a professional chef. And love food as much as my dog loves hot butternut box 😀
When you have a superstar dog to feed you'll go to any lengths to make sure his dinner meets expectations! You see, Arthur (aka @dog_in_the_red_scarf) has become accustomed to the finer things in life since becoming a working actor and gathering a following. And, as his modelling gigs demand he needs to keep trim and healthy so it's imperative, I as his personal assistant, ensure he is fed only the best! And what better way to do it than taste it myself? I love to cook but if I can take something off of my list of demands and provide 'ready made' meals that taste homemade then it could be an absolute game changer!
I’m an easy going guy who absolutely love dogs & will eat anything haha!
Hi Kevin, I’ve just moved back from Zurich where I’ve been dog sitting & walking for the past 3 years, looking to get involved with dogs & their care now I’m back in London & you guys seem like a great way of doing so, please let me help you out!
I am a huge dog lover and although I don't have a buddy at the moment I regularly entertain and spoil my nana dogs. I have great taste buds and would be happy to complete this task for you.
As a lifelong avid dog lover, I'm so glad to hear that Butternut Box takes such care when creating their dog food. At the moment we have two beautiful girls, Cloud (4 years) and Willow (2 years). Cloud is a sensitive, diva/spinster Bichon Frise and Willow is a daft loon of a Goldendoodle. They are best friends/ sisters and are very popular in the neighbourhood, especially since they look like twins.
A few years ago we lost our lovely Labrador Barney after 16 wonderful years, and some of my fondest memories of him involve him eating absolutely anything and everything. He truly was a tank. Food was his one true love and motivator, bless him.
We've fostered a few dogs over the years, from Bertie the massive and grouchy Bassett Hound, to Dougal the sweetest Labradoodle, to Tina, the tiniest dog I've ever seen (who Barney couldn't stop sitting on).
My godson Doug is a pug, and a right little weirdo. One night I woke up at 1am while dog-sitting to find him standing over me breathing heavily in my ear. Turns out he just wanted to come under the duvet.
Other top dogs in my life: Amber the German Shepherd, Uncle Clive the mixed minx, Bramble the dog on Dogs Trust that I obsessed over for months but sadly couldn't adopt because I lack the means, and an honourable mention to Sooty, my neighbour/cat.
Sorry, I've gone a bit off track here. I just love dogs, and I want the best for every single one of them. If that means eating their food to make sure they'd like it, please sign me up!
My Leon would love to try your recipes! He has an Instagram page and often leaves honest reviews of food and toys!

Leon is a rescue from Peru - he looks like a German Shepherd cross Collie puppy and is just completely loveable.

He currently loves , but would be very happy to change over to Butternut Box if you can convince him ;)
I believe butternut box to be the best diet for my dog, were new subscribers and our Newfie can't wait to try it! And to be honest, when I saw what was in the recipe, I thought that I couldn't wait to try it myself! I'm hoping I get selected and am greatly looking forward to trying it, my fiance is also eager to know how it goes!
I would be great for the task because I have always been a lover of dogs and I am also not a fussy eater with a strong stomach, so I can eat / try anything.
Everytime Sochi has new dog food, i always personally sample them myself first. Yep, i eat dog food.
As a furbaby mum, i taste everything she eats first so i know what she is getting! This role seems pretty fitting for me. It would also be an exciting day out for Sochi and I! Check us out on insta @sochipoo
I would love to do this task, mostly out of principal as my sister doesn't believe I would do it but also, when I was I was a kid I used to eat cat food with my sister. WE DONT KNOW WHY WE DID IT ! but from what I remember it wasn't half bad. I'd also be able to give you great feedback as I do love food, cooking AND eating !
I think I am the best person for this task as not only do I love dogs so so much, but I also love eating and also giving my opinion. These three qualities will make me the best person to give quality feedback on your dog food.
Ian F.
i am a dogs lover; and anything i might feed my dogs should be of good quality and standard; what’s good for me should be good for dogs too or vice versa, thats the simpliest and honest reason i could think of, thank you.
I love dogs, cats, and food, and I'm actually really into pet nutrition, I was once a brand ambassador for Forthglade dog food
Well, first off, favourite breed of dog has got to be Beagle. I have a 3yo male, who is utterly bonkers and so full of personality it's exhausting. But he changed my life, in so many ways. In fact, because of him I ended up leaving my old career behind and becoming a dog trainer.

Why would I be perfect for this task? Easy. I have a policy that I will never give my dog anything to eat that I wouldn't at least try myself. If you go 'yuck' at just the thought of your dog's food, why are you giving it to your dog?

There are some foods I've tried that I've not been keen on, but I have to say, the Butternut meals? I'd put them in a pie in any day of the week! My favourite is the lamb :)

Very excited to see what the new flavours are - I know my boy has his paws crossed for rabbit or salmon!
I would be great for this and the reasons why are as follows. Firstly I absolutely love my border terrier Rita and couldn't think of life without her. Secondly, When I was dishing up her dinner yesterday from butternut box I was shocked at how amazing it smelt and fancied a bit for myself, so when I saw this leaflet offering me to try some I did not have a second thought. The last reason why is because I am a skint student and the price of my accomodation at uni is outrageous so need all the help I can get. Cheers
I grew up on a farm in Northern Norway and we had all animals you could think off so I am very comfortable around animals. But mainly I wanna do this cause it sounds like an amazing story!
I love dogs, I have worked with all breeds and know that a healthy diet can have a huge influence on their health and mental wellbeing.
If the food is good enough for my dogs then it's good enough for me as they are family not pets
Love dogs (probably more than humans) and have my gorgeous rescue dog Pixie.
I think I was a dog in my last life because my Dog is literally my best friend & I love dogs more than people 😂 I would love to take on this task and think I would be great for it as my tastebuds are super sharp! (Was going to make a dog joke but thought that might be a Pawful idea) Thanks!
I have a deep rooted love for dogs! The chance to hang out with dogs for the day, as well as eat food that's probably better than what I'd make myself, is too good to pass up. I'm also very passionate about food and feel like I could give honest and descriptive reviews of what I was eating.
Hi Kevin!
I would love to participate in your task!
I currently have a Miniature Dachshund who I rescued 4 years ago and I have just recently changed over to Butternut Box. I love what you are all about and it has been such a struggle to find Bella nutritious food that is also okay for her Pancreatitis. I have worked and volunteered within Dog Rescues for the past 9 years so I feel I am incredibly passionate about dogs and their welfare. I would also love to test your food to help promote you guys as I think you’re such a wonderful business. I have one very happy pooch because of you ☺️
Jo E.
I spent 15 years working in Organic food eating home made baby food every day to make sure what we gave babies we could make from our kitchen cupboards , so I have a really good taste pallet .I also make my own dog food for our beloved Derek which I try, We rescued last year unfortunately although the love of our lives, he managed to destroy 2 pairs of glasses and 7 pairs of shoes in his first few months with us, and we could all do with a new set of shoes not to mention glasses :-) so combining our love of tasting and Derek this would be perfect for us :-)
I’ve had pets all my life taken the good with the bad the saying you are what you eat is so true my latest is giving my tropical fish Garlic what does it do or help all external parasites hate it cos it’s in the blood typical analysis is a great subject with me and the one I hate. Is Salt have you ever tasted dry dog food , Snacks or Treats yes salty as **** so your animal goes to water so food swells to bloat the stomach I’d love to help sample taste or even make food with added Supplements as natural as posable try reading up on Herbs and what there good for .i also have all ingredients from dried peas to Food grade Citric acid I put this with fresh fish for my tropical fish cod or tuna work well and much better then flake food at half the cost I can go on for hours but maybe next time
I have a one year olde English bulldogge who has hip dysplasia so it’s taking me along time to find a food I find suitable for her which she will enjoy! I would happily try a dogs dinner to make sure that if it’s good enough for me then it’s good enough for her!
Hiya! I’m Annie, and I’ve grown up with Briards (French sheep dogs that look like Rasta sheep!!) I’ve got Wombat and Roobarb, and they are just the absolute best (my fave breed by far!) The voice I talk to my dogs in (‘haalloh whombaht’- slightly like this) has crept into my normal voice.... very normal of course! I’ve also got Bilby the spaniel, who over the years has turned into Special Agent Sergei the spy (she has her spy ID card and everything..!) I know I sound absolutely nuts, but I just bloody love me dogs, and would love to test their dinners for them!!
Because I have already tried Butternut Box to see how good it was for my beautiful Cyprus poodle, Molly. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for my companion.
I used to like Chappie when I was a kid and used to share it with my border collie, my mum used to go mad! But saving for a deposit to buy my own home it’ll help towards that!
I’m a Positive Dog Trainer running my own business called Positively Pawfect. I have two dogs - a chow chow x Norwegian elkhound called Lola who is SO fussy but demolished her Butternut food every time! I also have a cavapoochon called Bali who licks the bowl even when it’s clean because she loves it so much! I regularly promote butternut box as an ambassador and would the to do the challenge of trying and testing the food! It would be a good promotional opportunity for us both 😁 it actually smells rather nice so I must admit, I’ve been tempted to try it at home 😆
I would love!!! To do this I love butternut box it's amazing!! I'm crazy about my dogs me and my cavachon were in dogs monthly magazine I saw you all at dog fest that's how I signed up my dogs are everything to me I am doing an animal care course in college and I would love to put this job on my cv it would look amazing I would be so proud to be butternut boxes taster!! That would be a dream come true tasting the food being the first to try it I love anything dog related I would even do this for free I would just love to do this job and go to the butternut box office!! I'm so happy this offer has come up its just amazing thank you so much for posting this also my favorite breed is cave oer king Charles I have 2 they are the best dogs are really all I care about in the world haha thank you again!!
I would be interested in helping out! I love dogs and eating well - I guess it's a match ;) 🐶 I think it's important for our furry friends to eat well too! I would love to contribute!
Honestly? This wouldn't be the weirdest thing I've ever eaten OR the silliest thing I've done for a laugh. But I get to play with some dogs, get paid for it, and get a prezzie for my favourite Bernese on top of everything? YES, PLEASE!
Ben K.
I'd be perfect for this.
I have loved food and dogs all my life.
Couldn't survive without both!

I'm really impressed with what butternut box are doing. Everyone knows you are what you eat. If you love your dog why wouldn't you want to feed everyone in your family healthy, naturally cooked food rather than food made with unknown ingredients and processes not fit for human consumption.

I would be honoured to help improve the diets of the lucky doggos that get to eat your food, and hopefully help make it even tastier!(if that's pawssible)
I believe I will be the best person for this task because I regularly sample my own cooking, which is amazing, right the way down to my husbands, which is dubious at best (although I love him dearly), therefore I have a pretty broad taste spectrum and can spot a decent meal when I taste one.
I also once ate cat food as a dare when I was 18 and thought Mel Gibson munching on dog biscuits to give up smoking in lethal weapon was ingenious.

PS. I do love dogs and have recently added a gorgeous Spanish rescue to our family, and any money made from this will be used to buy treats to try and convince him to love me.
I think I am very suitable for this job, I never serve food to family without tasting why should I treat my dogs dinner any different? I’ve tasted dry biscuits and treats to date, although some smell tasty, I haven’t found a food that I would eat! I would love to have the knowledge that, what I am feeding my dog is the best food avliable to them. Plus... I would love to sit and bed whilst he eats, like he does for my bacon sandwich. Therefore, you can be assured that my feedback will be critical, honest and thorough! I have made an offer to receive 375 as I live far away, and after deducting travel and hotel, I would be happy with pay. I mean, i would spend the day with doggies for free to be honest. That’s my plan when I win the lottery!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Kevin sign me up for this dog and food lover
I already buy my Poppy premium food (AATU) due to her chicken allergies and have often wondered what her food is like.

Some of her dog biscuits are pretty good!
I'm a dog lover. I also like food and would be intrigued to see how this dog food will measure up!
I am up for a laugh and think I will be some personality and enthusiasm to the role. My communication skills are strong and varied from my wide range of experiences, from caring for the elderly with dementia, competitive telesales and customer service roles. I enjoy strange and novel tasks and this seems like a fun day out! I am an engaging and curious individual and think my extroverted personality lends itself to this task, and getting paid to eat strange food and chill with dogs sounds just fantastic. All the best, James.
I will be great for this task. I am a dog lover and often share food with my lovely border collie. I have even cooked for her on many occasions. I have a strong palette and happy to eat anything.

I am the best person for task as I am doing it for the chance to play with puppies rather than earn money. I live in travelling distance andas a teacher ultra reliable and honest.
I have a big passion for dogs. My family have a cockapoo called snoops. It was only when my sister started working within the dog food industry that I realised that that the food that dogs normally eat is probably filled with chemicals and the worst possible meat. I now believe this industry has to change because it can’t be a healthy diet. If I can eat and enjoy the food so should our much loved dogs. I love the work you are doing so let me come try your delicious dog food
I love dogs, have had my bestfriend and spaniel Yogi for 12 years, so experienced with animals
I can eat anything no problem.
I think this would be a really interesting task to take part in, I have recently adopted a dog and spent a lot of time and effort getting her diet right, she can be pretty fussy.
Dog lover, open minded person, flexible and willing to commit 100%
Dear Kevin,

I work in the promotional industry and I have worked in both food sampling and mystery shopping. A large portion of the job is dedicated to writing up detailed reviews on products and experience. I have worked for global food and drink brands such as Molson Coors, Red Bull/Danone, Mars and Coke. My partner and I are huge dog lovers and are currently looking to rescue. My partners sister works at The Dog's Trust and it would be great information to share with them that your company truly cares for dogs by making human grade food. I could also share the goodie bag with the rescue dogs they have there.

Thank you,

Ryan Cloud
I would be great for this task as not only am i a full time dog walker but im also a vegan and have been for the past 5 years i have a cockapoo called porridge (@porridgethecockapoo) who is food crazy and loves butternut but she cant digest processed foods sob most wet food and all kibble is out of the picture. Other then butternut box i cook for my dog daliy and we tend to have the same meals (of corce lots of added meat for the k9) if its good enough for a 5 year vegan dog walker to feed her overly papered pooch then its definatly great for any other dog
I consider myself to have an adventurous palate as I will try just about anything at least once. I have no known food allergies and I would like to think that I’m very frank in sharing my opinions, especially when it comes to food.

As a lifelong dog person, who has had German Shepherds her whole life, I have admittedly tasted some dog food here and there. For science, of course. I am certainly no stranger to canine cuisine and it is very clear that I have no shame. That and I’m super eager to meet all the dogs at the office.

I work Monday - Thursday, so I could do a Friday (or the weekend if permitted). I should be fine for travel and accommodation if necessary so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I look forward to your response and thank you.

Kindest Regards,

Andrea Murray
Kim D.
Not gonna lie, I just want to play with the dogs, eating the food is just a sidebar.
Dogs are great, their food should be too. If it's good enough for me, it will be good for them too.
I would be the best for this task because I have two dogs and I know what they love. I cook them fresh food every day and have learnt over time what they do and don’t enjoy. I also would LOVE to play with the pups in your office !!!! Choose me :D
As weird as it might sound I have eaten my cats’ and dogs’ food when I was little and have no problem trying some dog and cat food now so I really think I would be great for this job ! 😁👍🏻
I love all things doggy and dogs seem to love me. I’ll happily join them on a taste testing mission. Happy to blog g about my experience too.
Amy J.
I have a 3 year old Bichon Frise called Nova, she means everything to me.
With her allergies it means I have to be quite specific with the food she eats.
I think if I give her something to eat, I should be happy to eat it myself.
I've often wondered what her food would taste like but gets funny looks from my boyfriend for even suggesting that maybe I should try it.
I'm sure if I was getting paid for it he wouldn't be laughing for long.
I know when the Butternut Box delivery has arrived because Choppy, my 7 year old Golden Retriever, will sit by the door and bark until I get it! He is highly allergic to all sorts of food, and had so much inflammation before that 2 months after he started on BB he dropped 7 kgs! Butternut Box has made the biggest difference in both our lives.

Being a professional chef with unbounded curiosity, I tried his Butternut Box delivery the first day it arrived (lamb is both our favourites!). I would love to participate in the tasting of the new recipes!!!
I love dogs and I will eat anything
I am a happy Butternut customer. I adore my dog more than my children, and Ava a rescue dog could possibly be the most spoilt dog in W12. I live very near White City, and am happy to come in and taste all sorts of dog and cat food - as long as it's warmed up!

Ava recognises the food boxes and was super excited to receive the blue ball yesterday. I only want the very best for my beloved dog, so am happy to pre taste her food.
I am absolutely dog obsessed. I have a 3 year old miniature Australian labradoodle and a 1 year old akita- retriever cross. I have actually tasted some dog food before so it isn't too weird for me , I like making sure the food is safe. I think I would be perfect for the task.
Firstly my favourite dogs is a Staffie and I have 5 Staffordshire Bull Terriers at home who all love to eat really tasty food and have their own healthy Sunday dinner cooked every week. Also my Dad has a little Jack Russell called Rolo, who only eats human food and will not touch any kind of Dog food at all so if I got chance to come and try the dog food and it's really tasty, I know I could get Rolo to eat it and get my Dad to buy him proper tasty Dog food. So I think I would be perfect for this task.
I'm a zoologist and work with a lot of different animals. I've also tried a lot of the food we provide- including bait for trapping Tasmanian devils!
Hi! I've been looking after others dogs for over 25 years and have experience of many different dogs diets and tastes so I think I have a pretty good idea of what dogs are going to find irresistibly delicious!
Looking forward to working with you.

Emma 😊
Hi! I would be brilliant for this task as I love any kind of dog and have searched for so long to find a dog food my boy likes! I have a sausage dog called Rocky who is my world and I am a Butternut Box customer!! I would be honoured to try the dog food as I have been looking for an amazing dog food for him for ages as he is so fussy and won't eat most dog foods. However, he loves Butternut box which means the company has impressed a very fussy lil pup!! :)
I love dogs and have a dog boarding business! My husband and I welcome all sorts of dogs into our home, together with our Labrador named Duke :)
I love dogs and the reason I would like this task is because dogs should be treated as humans, not as anything else, dogs become what you feed them and as we are butternut box users and love your product it will be a great experience to reassure us and the whole dog lover community that we are giving the best of the best to our loving friends! Thank you!!!
Dog lover and food lover. My most enjoyable task of the day is cooking dinner for the family, which on a Sunday, includes our two Cockapoos Snoop & Rolo - We can't have a roast without them (they only get the healthy bits!)
They always eat Butternut and their favourite is the lamb; I can tell by the amount of lip licking and tail wagging.
All I want to do is make sure they have the best life and are as happy as possible. So, if I can lend a paw to help not only them but dogs everywhere have a tastier meal then count me in!
I have a really long history with dogs, my family works heavily with a rescue called Epsom canine rescue and we have fostered over 30 dogs since we began. We have 2 dogs of our own and one behaviourally challenged dog in semi-permanent foster care and Ik used to a large variety of foods due to the various dietary requirements our fosters have had, eg diabetes and nutritional deficiences
I am the best person for this task because as a child, Bonio’s were my favourite snack! As an adult, I’m very particular over what I feed our 18 month old Labrador, Oliver. After trying dry the raw diets, Oliver has settled on Butternut Box. The tail goes into a helicopter spin when the box arrives! To that end, I feel that I have a very advanced pallet whe it comes to pooch food!
Kay B.
I would never feed anything to my dogs I wouldn’t eat myself. They eat the same meat from the same packets we do & I always ensure the highest quality only is given to them. We have had really bad experiences with certain suppliers in the past hence the move to human grade supermarket. I would love to try what you can offer for our pups. They are the light of our life and we would be lost with out them. They are a 1 year old GSD & a 3 month old GSD.
As a former chef, I like to think I have a good sense of taste and know a bit about food. And as a dog lover, I am more tham willing to help out some furry friends in making sure their food tastes as good as it can!

I've loved dogs since I was a small child, and though I've never had one as a pet, I've always known that Ineeded one in my life. I recently decided on the breed I'd most love to look after too; a Bernese Mountain Dog - as big, loveable, and fluffy as a St Bernard but just a bit easier to pick up and teach tricks to.

The whole thing sounds hilarious and wonderful, and I'd never pass up a chance to play with some puppers! I really hope you decide to pick me
Tick✅ already tasted my puplets buttieboxes so I’m so up for confessing what lead me there #englandintheworldcup #crazyhappened
I've grown up my whole life with doggos. First a spaniel, then 2 labs, my folks now have a lab and a ridgeback and my husband and I now have our own rescue fur baby - hagrid the old tyme.

Being a bulldog he has a super sensitive tummy and we feed him the best we can. Butternut are known for using only the best quality ingredients and indeed helping doggos like ours so I think we'd be a great fit.
"I've been eating Butternut Box for three months since I may have wolfed down my friend Plum's supps when she wasn't looking. Since then my fave is Our Turkey, but I also think Our Lamb and Our Chicken Recipe are my faves too, and I am still learning to love Our Beef. Your box comes on a Monday and I wait by the window for Sam from DPD, I call these Happy Mondays and Dad told me that some people once made some songs with this name. I found out that Sam doesn't come every Monday but I wait there all the same just in case he changes his mind or maybe remembers its a Monday. I sometimes dream of Sam's van full of Butternut Boxes, and rabbits, and the magic kingdom that they must come from. I like puppies and oh boy oh boy I think I like the magic kingdom where my boxes come from already. Plum says there is no magic kingdom but I think she doesn't know everything. My small person says she knows Santa Claus lives in a magic kingdom too. Do you know him. Does he make the Butternut Boxes. I hope so. I hope to see Sam on Monday". Nelson. Aged four and a half.
I wouldn’t feed something to my dog I wouldn’t eat myself! Simple.
My favourite breed of dog is Springer Spaniel as I have one as he is smart and lovely and also has good taste in food as he loves Butternut Box food haha. I would be perfect for this task as I love good food no matter who it is intended for. I also appreciate good healthy alternatives to other dog food.
My dog Yuna only eats clean meat and veg based food (no grains) and so do I. Everything I consume myself is dog-safe and is shared with her as a result. :) Seeing as I eat what she eats/vice versa anyway, figured I'd put my name in the hat for testing your food for you!
I have an absolute passion for my own dog, Bo, who has allergies and can’t eat most foods. With a food like Butternut box he and others are able to get great quality nutrition without the side effects of other foods that include cheap ingredients and allergens. I’d also like to know what it actually tastes like, as if it’s good enough for my dog it should be good enough for me!
I love dogs and food too 😋
A P.
I’d only ever eat dog food if I was paid for it . I love dogs but ...
I love dogs and I love food! We feed our Cockapoo Aubrey on Butternut Box and he loves it so it would be great to see what all the fuss is about and be involved with the brand which we love.
I love my Bernese mountain dog and for the money I would get for doing this I would love to treat her to a full dog spa pampering and some treats.
Sue L.
Just me ,I have always had dogs growing up.
Now I volunteer for the cinnamon trust, taking out dogs for walks for people who are not well enough to,but want to keep their dogs with them,so after I finish my full time job you will catch me walking dogs and loving it
i love dogs and regularly cook and prepare meals for my own two dogs, a brittany spaniel and a cavapoo. i also run a chili sauce business in which we create and produce our own recipes so i'm very familiar with flavour profiles and use.
I have always had rescue dogs with the exception of my latest pup. I also love food! Literally obsessed with food! The reason I feel we deserve this opportunity is because we have had a rough year and I have put myself into debt purely for the emergency care of our older rescue Mac (we even didn't eat for a few days so he could be cared for) so to be honest any pennies I can put towards both my boys I happily will.

I'd eat dog food for them in a heartbeat! I'd do anything by my dogs.
Jan T.
Great response to a great task!
I’ve had dogs all my life and spent a small fortune on feeding them the best for their needs. This can vary and I’ve looked for food ranges covering various needs and diets. So Yes it would be lovely to join your research and with a background in marketing and experience of many dogs diet requirements I can offer some thoughts to the tasting experience. Love my boys and all dogs so anything that gives them the best they can get rings my bells.
My favourite breed is Shichon, a lovely mix of Shihtzu and Bichon Frise. I'd be perfect for this task because i look at Ollie wolfing down his Butternut Box Lamb recipe and i want to snatch it away, add some mint sauce, and eat it for my supper 😎
Who wouldn't want two crazy sausage dogs in their office that love Buternut Box so much they feel the need to break into their monthly delivery.... Promise their owner is much better behaved.
I have a dog who is a fussy eater - currently he loves all butternut receipes except Chicken - why would that be?!? This would be a great way to find out :-)
I love dogs and I love the ButterNut box guys and would love to come hangout in the office.
I care a lot about what my three dogs eat. I buy them high quality food when I am able to and always look out for new products.
Hi I’m a dogs enthusiast and student at King’s college London, looking to make a little extra money to help me through my studies. Of all the tasks I’ve come across this one is without doubt the one which I’d enjoy the most since i love hanging out with puppies and have done some food testing before. I have 2 dogs myself and I would never feed them with something I wouldn’t eat so I understand the purpose of this task very well and would be willing to do it anytime
I literally can not think of anything more perfect, getting to decide what’s good enough for earth angels.

I really would just love to spend the day with the puddins at the office please!

I’d do it just for the love not the money!
I can do that, no problem? Definitely a dog lover!
I feed my dog butternut meals because I believe dogs should have the best just like humankind . I brush my dog’s teeth with the butternut brush to care for her like I care for myself. I want my dog , and all dogs , to be happy and enjoy their lives , and so why shouldn’t butternut dog food be as delicious as the meals we cook ourselves which is why I would love to taste test for our furry friends
I love my Ozzy Labradoodles and am continually on the search for the ultimate food for them! I know they eat stuff in the park I would never do (ugh!), but I do want the food I give the to be the best! Human quality, the sort my husband cooks. So I taste it! Let me taste yours and see if it's good enough for Amber and Frodo Doodle
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