Plan me a Love Island Final party!

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Saturday, 14th Jul 2018
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Love Island party final is on the 30th July.

I am going to host a party for the final and need some inspiration. My budget is £300.

I need someone to plan the party, come up with ideas and provide guidance on how I can bring the final to life!
I run a professional concierge company and plan events regularly (i have 10 years experience). I am happy and excited to help!
I love a party! I lived with 5 other girls last year in London and we were the queens of hosting! Being an interior designer, I have the eye for creating the perfect venue for a party. I’m currently in Marbella and streaming Love Island on my phone to ensure I’m up to date with all the lastest goss! I’d be the perfect planner for the final!
I have watched love island religiously this year. I know the insides and the outsides to everything villa related. I have planned many parties and was in charge or charity work at my university campus, this means I know how to throw an amazing party and under a tight budget. Themed decorations, food and drinks and even take away presents for you and your guests. You name it then I shall try and facilitate. And I’m sure we can come up with some games to run during the show to make the love island experience flood into your party venue and get everyone involved!
I’m obsessed with love island, I know every detail of it! I would put my all into as it’s so exciting!!! Have an amazing finale party!!
Okay so I love Love island biggest fan. You let me know your fave couple and everything you love and sorted.
Mo M.
I have just finished planning a love island party for someone else. Please let me know if you would like me to share their ideas.

I would be great for this task because organisation is my middle name. Already got tonnes of ideas from invitation design, to party games, to food and drink!
Hi Rachel, I was sr. marketing manager at and specialised in experiential events. I came up with ideas such as this one: Moderated] / this price I can spend a morning brainstorming ideas with you and come up with a list of prioritised tasks to get you going but I'm afraid execution would require another half day at the same rate. Let me know how that sounds? Have a nice evening. PJ
I’m you man let’s get this party planned
I think I would be a good candidate as I’m young meaning I can think of fun and new ideas I also watch the show myself, I’m very creative, these are a few ideas I’ve had for you party already , coloured cups each colour representing a relationship status, single, coupled up , it’s complicated , which would be indicated at the Cup station, this is a fun yet unique idea to incorporate love island, also as love island is abroad you could incorporate a fun holiday vibe with blow up animals, lots of colour range of ballons , a fun punch for guest and confetti for when the love island is released , I would as an event steward meaning I would easily be able to provide staff for your event within you budget, also going to lots of events has given me lots of inspiration
Hey, like the idea of this. I’m a DJ based in Central London. Let me know know if you are thinking of having a DJ play at your party - I’m also hosting my birthday party on the 10th July at the Steelyard in Bank so I know how to host parties etc. You’re also welcome to come and watch my djing if you like :) let me know!
Jas S.

I am quite creative with my ideas and am pretty sure I can help!

I recently did my cousins hen for 40 people which was Harry Potter, little mermaid and beauty and the beast themed.

People often come to me for creative ideas.

Feel free to get in touch!

Im a film producer and director looking for some extra budget to make a few films. So I would be the ideal person who would work with your ideas and add a few of my own imaginative touches.
Ive organised Cabaret Shows on a very low budget so I can organise a party. Hmm may even be able to purchase the drinks wholesale as I own my own company. I would really make it a fun night to remember or not depending on how much you drink. Susan

My name is Emma and I am a glitter artist 🎨 i believe I could help you create a really good love Island party 🎉 I have great ideas, experience and I'm good at working with small budgets to optimum effect.
To be honest Love Island post 2016 is everything. From finding your the best memes to print out and put on (probably online) invitations to helping you build your soundtrack, I would love to plan your party!

I'm great at doing things on a budget, as well as stress free and £300 would be more than enough to make a fab party for loads of guests - with drinking games included! Also karaoke to Eyal's music videos.

(and tbh hoping Dani and Jack make it to final just so we can see her dad in there..._
Leslie C.
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we have the necessary experience and equipment required for this task please accept my offer thanks
I have organised many events through work and personal events, I am very creative and will sure help you deliver your event on budget!!
I am a festival events organiers and feel that I could really make something of this event as well as keep it with in bedget. By using my contacts in industry.
I have been organising parties at my place of work for 10yrs. I can assist you with this.
I look after a high level exec so always planning big Company events and I love Love Island so could help you with this. From decorations to clothes to food and make it fun and “love island”. Lots of brilliant ideas
Hi Rachel! We are both young and fun and that's going to allow us to come up with some really good ideas for this party. I have a portfolio of my previous work if you want to see that, I like to present my clients with around 5 ideas that they can choose from. I have worked in the party planning industry all my life (both of my parents) and I have the best contacts, I am 100% sure that I could do your party for the least money, but the best quality. I have so many ideas for this party and I won't rest until you are satisfied with one of my concepts.
Please consider me for this task, I'm in your age range, I watch love island religiously, and I know that I can make this amazing for you.
Let's do this,
HI - As a profesional PA who has organised many parties for luxury to budget I have lots of easy ways to make it a great party. Is the £300 inc food and drink? how many people will it be for ? I will then over see it on the night as well. I live nearby in Putney as well as have a car should that help too. .uk

I am in the process of launching a catering and food service. Also, I have experience within party and event management which I have done for a variety of companies in the past. I am really creative and my strengths lie within content creation, management, social media marketing and themed events. I love fancy dress and themes because I tend to go all out.

I have evidence of my work. I normally create posts for Facebook and Twitter such as flyers, posters, leaflets... But I also create invites, banners, social media content. The turn around time for a peice of content is normally 1-3 hours, so I work pretty fast.

I indulge in creative writing, writing small poems and magazine articles. I'm pretty smart and snazzy with use of language so we can play about with that to appeal to your crowd.

I tend to work on budgets and will always shop around before making any financial decisions. I'm a bargain hunters but will never scrimp for low quality. Quality and budget are very important when planning events.

I am the hostess with the mostess, normally. It'd be lovely to pass on experience and help you plan your party.

How many people for your party and what kind of vibe did you want? Did you want a music and finger food vibe followed by a screening or a sit down event. Let me know!!!
Hi Rachel,

As a diehard love island fan who's been watching since the very first season (which I highly recommend watching if you haven't), I have the knowledge, the creativity and the ability to maximise a budget as much as possible (thanks to being a university student) to make sure your fellow islanders think the party is blazin'.

Take a chance on me and put all your eggs in one basket and I'm sure it'll be a smash!

I don’t have event planning experience or any fancy things to offer for free, however I am a very hospitable person with a creative mind who likes to entertain!
I follow love island so I would have some great ideas & quirks to make the party unforgettable.
In the past I have hosted my own themed parties namely Eurovision and Mexican tequila night! Unfortunately the evening got a little too blurry for pictures as evidence but if you’d like fun references then feel free.
If you want the fun factor, pick me! I’ll be happy to discuss my ideas with yours & make it awesome.
William S.
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Hi Rachel,
I would love to help you out sorting out the bed possible final party for love island.
I have worked for an events management company called urban and have had the opportunity to plan parties for Hundreds of people throughout Europe.
I will be able ensure an amazingly designed party.
Will need more details to tailor it specifically.

I would be happy to assist you in planning for the party - is the budget excluding this fee? So I can start thinking of a few ideas. How many people will the party cater for?

Many thanks
Hello Rachel!
I'd absolutely love to complete this task! I have previous event management experience, both corporate and private. Would be more than happy to discuss ideas via phone or email.
Samuel D.
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Hi Rachel I would love to help take care of this for you. Best R Sam
Hi I am an event organiser and watch love island religiously , would love to organise a final party especially as I can’t have one in my shared house 😭 exciting task, there’s not long left though so if you’re going to do this you need to decide ASAP!
Hi I’m a festival event organiser and would love to volunteer to help you plan this event, as think we could really make it something. Message me if interested. Liv Frances
Heeey would love to help sounds mega fun! I've been an event hostess for over 7 years so I've worked a plenty of events to help bring some ideas to the table and contacts I'm super organised too having great now working in secretarial work hit me up x
Would be happy to throw in some free mini male and female beauty treatments for guests...
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