Sleep testers needed for dream task

Posted by Steve R.



Due date
Thursday, 16th Aug 2018
I’m Steve Reid, the Co-Founder and CEO of Simba.

Do you love sleeping on the job? Then I’ve got a task for you! Here at Simba HQ, we’re searching for a Three Person “Dream Team” to help us to redefine the way the world sleeps.

Three candidates will be chosen for a month-long ‘sleepsperience’. Each person will be given a brand new Simba Mattress to call their own, as well as a Fitbit Versa to track their sleep activity. Oh, and did we mention the £600 payday?

So what’s involved? Well, we need 3 Taskers to record data around their sleep over a 4 week period, and see if and how certain small lifestyle changes can make huge improvements to sleep quality.

If this task sounds perfect for you, we want to know why.

You’ll need to click “Make an offer” and tell us in the comments your inspiring, memorable, funny or downright outrageous sleep tales.

Maybe you’ve accidentally slept your way from Paddington to Penzance on the train, woken up on a beach in a far-flung land or napped through that vitally important morning meeting. Wherever you choose to snooze, we want to know about it.

The very best of the bunch will be given the chance to join us on our mission.

How to be involved:
Don’t snooze! Please click make an offer and leave a comment telling us your best (or worst!) sleep story.

Task Info:
- Paid £600 per Tasker to track sleep and complete task requirements.
- Begin completing Task in August for 4 weeks.
- Receive new complimentary Simba mattress.
- Receive new complimentary Fitbit Versa.
- Allow Simba to track your quantitative and qualitative Fitbit data.
Project Summary
Fully Allocated
Fully Allocated
I am a very good sleeper that I can sleep anywhere, anytime and in any position. I used to have those very specific continuous dreams that it literally said “Chapter XX” at the very beginning. And each following day it just really continues. How weird!
I also hap the stupidest sleeping experience on the tube that I kept falling asleep, kept passing the correct station back and forth that I could never get home. Got stop in between like 5 stops. It was hilarious!
Most of my funny stories in bed are not about me, but mainly my partner which sleep talk (I do too). The last time he told me we should get a crocodile and I asked why (he does answer to you while sleep talking) and he says cause nobody can swim like them.
Well... I’ve never been the type of girl to “sleep around” but everyone needs to experiment sometimes... with a new mattress.

It’s not like I’m married to my IKEA mattress, and I want more than it’s willing to give me.

After I give my current mattress the “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation, I’ll be happy to give you references from anyone who has ever shared a room or a bed with me, my parents and anyone who has ever sat next to me for long enough, saying that I am a 5* sleeper and at least a mediocre friend.

I also leave a lot of reviews on Amazon and other such companies, and I tell myself that it’s because I’m a nice person, but actually I think I just have too much free time and it gives me a false sense of importance. HOWEVER, I have hundreds of “I found this helpful” remarks on those reviews, which is also validating.

As regards my worst sleep story, I’m ashamed to say that it did indeed involve alcohol, and essentially we went to a party in the woods that was fantasy themed, and everyone was dressed like fairies or other fantasy creatures. The party was great fun, and we’d brought tents to sleep in overnight and people were telling scary stories. I’m a wimp, so I was gradually getting more and more unsettled, and when we went to bed we left the fire pit to die down and left some glow sticks out so people could go to the loo etc. Creepy shadows + a bit drunk = sleeping with my head out of the tent, which meant I woke up to a stranger’s dog licking my face...
A Funny Sleep Story to hopefully WIN this dream job.

I work hard and catch the odd 40 winks whilst travelling home by train. So one evening I sat next to the sweetest little old lady on the train home, had a little chat as I often do with older people as they don't take you as an odd ball as most do in London if you talk to a stranger in transit. I nodded off unbeknown to me, and woke up with that shock & sudden sweaty panic. I had jumped out of a dream state and accidentally slapped the poor old lady as I jumped out my skin suddenly awaking, I noticed a dribble stain above her left boob, and began apologising sincerely I felt terrible. After bringing obvious attention from commuters around us, I asked her what happened. She informed me I had falling asleep resting on her and she said I looked so sweet she did not want to move or wake me up. I begged for forgiveness to the amusement of all around us and her, she was very sweet even after I had dribbled on her boob and slapped her as I woke, I left with a wave a smile from her and me with a red face..

I am in dire need of a new mattress so I have no doubt I will love it, if you choose me I can also promise to positively blog and create some free marketing online for you around my experience.
I have been in online marketing for many years and will keep perfect records of all you need.

Please choose me,

Kind regards and sweet dreams ;)

I am a healthcare professional in the NHS, as is my partner. With a mix of night and day shifts, our mattress is used a lot, as you can imagine!

I’ve been known to fall asleep in most places- car bonnets and kayaks to name a couple.

I would love to try out the Simba mattress and be part of the Dream Team!
I’m a elite gymnast on the Australian gymnastics team.
I’m religious about my sleep and already come with a well established sleep hygiene routine and can sleep anywhere. I’m also interested in how sleep and help athletes to improve performance and recovery. Would love the opportunity to take part in this project
I will be awesome at this task! Having travelled around the world alot I've stayed in anything from camping (glamping) to 7 star hotels. I've got loads of experience with different hotel chains and hotels and the different beds they provide. I'd stay at certain hotels more just for the amazing bed they have.
Best sleep ever I'd say is the W Hotel in Barcelona. Could sleep there for hours and hours. Always wake up refreshed from a late night.
Pick me for a serious 'sleep connoisseur' with loads of experience.
Efe D.
I am well suited and potentially the best person for this task as I know how important sleep is and will be able to give you a full detail evaluation of the mattress outling my experience whilst sleep on the mattress for the company’s benefit.
I am a consistent reviewer and have immense attention to detail through various industries, I can also write in a very constructive manner. All in all giving a full insight to all matters of the process
I have lost of experience providing feedback after long periods of market research and I am a great sleeper..... in the right bed! If the bed is lumpy and horrible, I won't get a wink..... if the bed is good, I would sleep through anything and wake feeling refreshed! I once managed to remain asleep after I knocked a lava lamp off my bedside table and smashed it..... man I miss that bed!
My boyfriend Tim was trouble. With mischief running through his core, I found him both hilarious, and at times, exasperating. Staying over at our friend Becky’s house one lazy night, we had fallen asleep on a very no-frills mattress, but I was nonetheless enjoying a deep slumber. Then I awoke with a start. “Whaddya doing! Why are you shaking the bed?” I grumpily managed to ask, still half asleep. “I’m not shaking the bed. You stop shaking the bed!” He grumpily retorted. “Hmph” I rolled over and instantly fell back to sleep.

The next morning, the previous night’s shenanigans all but forgotten about, Becky asked, “Did you feel the earthquake last night?” Tim and I both looked at each other. “Oh!” We both said in unison, as the penny dropped, and the reason for the shaking clicked, embarrassingly lately, into place for both of us.

That night, the earth truly moved. Ten years later, Tim and I are married. Older, a little bit wiser, and with a few more aches than we used to have, I think that if the bed were to shake again, my reaction may still be to ask him, “Whaddya doing!”

I have a deep appreciation of sleep , making me a good fit for this challenge. I hate to let anything come in the way of snooze time, let alone troublesome spouses... or earthquakes. I spend my days supporting University students, and the rest supporting my family. I would love a mattress which supports me, and my back, well, like I support them.
I am the sleeping Queen. My partner is envious with how quickly I can fall asleep but I would say the quality of my sleep is not great as I always wake up tired and could do with several naps throughout the day like a baby! I have definitely fallen asleep in many strange places but my best sleep story has to be the time I slept through a day cruise on a traditional Turkish gulet boat. I was so tired that I managed to fall asleep sitting upright whilst my fellow travellers partied the day away to an onboard DJ! Plenty of photo evidence :P
Hi there!

I'm a narcoleptic with insomnia so over the years I've fallen asleep in my fair share of random places ranging from the relatively boring - the shower, uni classes, restaurants etc - to the more interesting - the Eiffel Tower, a ride at Disney Land, the floor by the main stage at a festival - to name but a few.

Probably the most memorable time I've fallen asleep was a few years ago at the Taj Mahal. I remember sitting on a wall while a tour guide talked about the view and the size of the grounds, and then waking up to find some tourists taking selfies with me while I was sleeping
I’m famous in my group of friends in my ability to sleep. It’s also rubbed off on my 1 year old daughter who I have to wake up in the morning or she would carry on sleeping!
I have fallen asleep (not due to alcohol as I didn’t use to drink) in the middle of a hard house nightclub where my friends just left me!
On holiday in Egypt some girls we met at the resort asked my friend if I was ill as I slept so much, her reply was that I was lazy...
At uni the smoke alarms were set off in my halls and everyone was evacuated. My door was broken in by the firemen as I slept through the usually ear piercing alarm
During a trip to the beach my friends thought it would be funny to place rocks under my towel to stop me from falling asleep. I still fell asleep much to their disappointment. They then proceeded to use my belly button as target practice with small stones. I slept through this too.
If sleeping is what you’re after, I’m your girl!!
I'd be great for this task, here's my story ...

I was on a business trip from London to Almere in the Netherlands for a day. I was up and ready after an early nights sleep to get my minicab to Gatwick at 4:30AM.. Obviously slightly lagged, I spent most of the flight trying to get to sleep, started to nod off and then *bing, flight crew prepare for landing*... Argh!

I got off the plane, now with bags under my eyes, headed to the train station to board my 9AM train to Almere, which was a half hour intercity train ride away.

Yes! My time to get some well needed shut eye.. set phone alarm, put phone on loud mode. I fell asleep promptly.

Slowly, my eyes started to open to the sounds of people chatting Dutch, oh no! Where was my alarm? Furthermore, where the **** am I?

I was in Zwolle, 75km and an hour away from where I was meant to get off, not as bad as it could've been, but not good never the less.

I decided to make the most of it, called my work and explained where I was and that I would be coming later in the afternoon.

I took a leisurely stroll through the beautiful historic town and got a lovely gourmet burger and chips (why not, the company were paying for it!).

Later that day, I arrived at Almere, got straight to work on a server that needed upgrading and got a late night flight back to London.

Thoroughly exhausted, I headed straight back home on the next train, making sure this time to keep my eyes open!

I love my sleep and anyway to make it more zen!
I'd never had problems sleeping, in fact I can make a comfy bed wherever I go - I've slept in the footwell on a coach full of tired cheerleaders wrapped up in blankets; I'm the one at a festival to bring a blow up bed with full sheet, duvet and pillows; and having lived in 10 houses in the last 10 years I always make sure my bed is the first thing to be set up. There's nothing better than fresh sheets and a comfy bed.
I've lived with my boyfriend now for nearly 2 years, and we are sleeping on his 8 year old mattress - the coils are starting to spring through, we both toss and turn, my back is starting to hurt and I'm now desperate for a good nights sleep again!
I'd be delighted to complete this task - I know how important your product is, and I'm willing to count sheep every night to help you get it right.
Hope to hear from you soon,
I will be great for this task because my quality of sleep is massively influenced by the type of mattress that I sleep on because I used to have a problem with my back in the past. I have had mattresses that have a microcoil component or were foam based.

When purchasing mattresses I am always looking for he coil count, and the firmness of weather it suits the curve of the spine. Also I get pretty hot when trying to sleep so I also am keen to know the temperature regulation. I really believe I would be able to give you accurate feedback that you would want with your product for you to know if it is measured to the standard that you are looking to create.
Why am I the best person for this?

Well, that's for you to decide after hearing my story!

Growing up, I was very active young boy, up at 5 am every morning for my paper round, gym by 7 boxing until 8am then school would start, finishing school I'd spent my evenings hockey training, cross country running and long distant cycling. Being in bed was somewhere I'd never want to be when I had a life to live.

This changed 6 years ago, when I was hit by a car, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down at the young age of 19.

It's not all doom and gloom, some plastic surgery to my face and many dr's fixing my back, I am walking and running again baby!

But it has it's drawbacks, chronic backache has left me spending most evenings on the sofa or in bed watching Netflix (other streaming sites available ;)) this is not where I want to be! I want to be up and about chasing life.

If you've got something that needs testing for comfort not out of a want to be in bed but out of a need, I am your guy.

I want to get up and out of bed, I challenge you to keep me there.
Rob P.
As a shift worker and traveller I’ve slept pretty much anywhere and on anything, and I have to be comfortable at any time of the day.

I can offer the experience of someone who has fallen asleep at parties, including a Christmas party in Colombia, first time meeting my fiancé’s family; been woken up by cabin crew after everyone else had left the plane in Punta Cana; and slept on almost every metro system in the major European capitals, recently expanding worldwide with a quality nap in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic (pro tip: sit at the front of the driverless trains in Copenhagen for the most comfortable, if regrettably short, transport nap in Europe).

As an expert sleeper I obviously look for comfort, quality and the overall ‘this bed is cosy I’m calling in sick’ quotient of any mattress, but also it’s ability to remain comfortable even when I am trying to sleep on the 5cm wide strip my spouse allows me when he’s feeling generous.
I generally struggle to sleep at night it’s probably the mattress a new mattress would be of great use aswell as me being able to perform your required task would be a bonus
Literally this last weekend I had a sleepless night on my horrible soft mattress, this mattress was introduced to us by our landlord to replace our even worse foam mattresses that were there when we moved in.

Weeks earlier I had booked my first personal training session for Monday morning and had to be up at 6am for a 7am PT session. It was an exhausting first session, so exhausting in fact that I was completely drained, the most drained I have been in a very long time.

After my 3rd coffee of the day at about 2pm, I started to get a caffeine crash. Fortunately, it was someone's birthday so a lovely Victoria sponge had been passed around the office. This victoria sponge was later to become my pillow when my head fell out of my hand in a sleepy stuper into the cake. I had the whole office laughing at me as I sat up with half a cake attached to my head. I had to explain why I had been so clumsy to my manager as I wiped raspberry jam from my brow, (thankfully he's a cool guy).

I am about to move to a new property without a mattress on the 7th of September in Tulse Hill. My girlfriend uses a Fitbit but I don't, I would be more than happy to try out one of your mattresses to see how my sleep (and back pain) might be improved by a decent mattress.

Kind Regards,
Ash New
People moan at me for sleeping all the time. I am also very fit & healthy; I cannot be any more perfect for the role!
P K.
I was coming back from university (Nottingham) on the train to London and ended up falling asleep. When I was finally woken up I realised I was back in Nottingham and had actually slept the whole journey to london and the whole journey back to Nottingham. In total the journey was over 3.5 hours and I had to buy a new train ticket home😂
I once stayed at a friends house and sleep walked into his sisters room, it was dark so she called out "Mike?" (her brothers name) I replied yes to she screamed and kicked me out of her room. I then sleep walked to his parents room and into thier ensuit, after some time his father went to get him and as they both came back in I was trying to climb into bed with his mother. Needless to say breakfast was a bit awkward!
My most interesting (and worst) sleep story is after a week of camping, I was sooo looking forward to getting home to the best night's sleep in my own bed. I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night by a bright light. Only then did I realise I'd sleep-walked around my bed to the ensuite door, couldn't figure out how to open it in my slumbering state, and my boyfriend had awoken to my losing battle with the door handle. I was startled like a rabbit in the headlights and embarrassed about what could have happened had I not woken and managed to get into the bathroom!!

I'm one of those people who loves to sleep, and I can't get enough of my bed. A comfy mattress is the best foundation for "living the dream" and I would test the Simba mattress in real night-to-night living. I live on my own (and starfishing is a real skill) but my boyfriend does stay over a few nights a week so I can test sleeping in both conditions. I'm honest and articulate and I know what makes a great night's sleep for me. Accept my offer and I'll share my bed with you!!
It’s a sleep test, therefore I like sleeping.
i will be great for this task as i will be bale to carry out this test in the right manor required for the perfect results. and like many i like sleeping, which means the results will be many and accurate.
Hi I work occasionally as a tv and movie extra or supporting artist, this means I often have to travel at short notice around the UK and have just bought an airbed to help me sleep when I need to away from home! In the last month i've slept on spare beds at families houses, airbeds, sofas and even a friends floor on a roll mat (thats when I bought the electric airbed :D) its so nice when I finally get to sleep at home on my own mattress next to my partner-we bought it 8 years ago when we first moved in together so its due replacement now although I dare not replace it at the moment for fear I wont find another I like as much :D
I just had a baby a few months ago and spent my whole pregnancy with either an elbow poking out my belly or a spring in my back! I am very hesitant about purchasing a new mattress having spent over £500 on my current mattress 2 years ago it would be ideal if I could try before buying a new one.

A few years ago I woke up outside my house in the middle of the street having sleep walked in the middle of the night. Looks like i've always had a problem with my mattresses, I was probably off to try and get new one!

I really do treasure my sleep, even more now than ever before and you know it's time for a new mattress when a hospital bed is more comfortable.
I am the perfect person for your task! I am currently working 3 jobs ranging from 7am until 11pm between 6-7 days a week and have recently moved house and am searching for the perfect bed! I have never had a mattress that I would rate as life changing and am ready for it! Sleep is the most important time for me, so I can recharge and reboot ready fresh for my next busy day. I have been savibg up for a Tempur mattress but have recently read reviews on the Simba mattress and am ready to be convinced!
I am a mix of a side and back sleeper and genuinely understand the implication that a good, sound sleep has on your short and long term health.
I am here and ready to be your next excited devotee to spread the word of Simba!
Im the good choice because I work on different shifts and sleeping on the right bed is very important for me to able to sleep better. I love my bed and I love my comfort because that gives me a good sound sleep no matter what is the time
I will be a better person to do this task because I can assess a good bed for sleeping
Hi I believe i could easily get this task done, i could literally fall asleep on my way to work and than back home, would love to try out a new new mattress, have also heard quiet a lot about Simba in TV commercials
I am fairly heavy sleeper, I once slept through a full firework display literally outside my apartment when on holiday, my parents genuinely were concerned because i was unresponsively asleep, woke up the next morning as if nothing had happened at all, they then showed me videos of them putting stuff on my head, the fireworks outside and various other shinanigans that family members do to their sleeping brother/son :')
I feel I would be great for great for this task as I am a critical person and will not hold back on my own personal opinions.
I have been reviewing products for feedback and incentives for over 3 years now so I am very committed and loyal.
I am sick of having a bad neck and back, my 35 year old joints feel like they are 95 and this is just not on! I will win this battle with my bed.
My worst sleep memory was being kept awake all night by birds outside. They were knocking on the windows and cawing all night, it was terrible. Problem was I had an exam the next day. And during the exam I couldn't actually hold my eyes open. I answered 2 questions then fell asleep with my head on the desk. I was woke up about 20 minutes from the end by an invigilator and tried to finish the paper, but it was no use. I failed the exam- luckily it was only a prelim. We managed to fix the bird issue by the actual exam!

Over the last few years, we have bought multiple mattresses as my back issues have made it almost impossible for me to get a good nights sleep. I don't seem to be able to choose one that works for both me and my partner. My fitbit records that I am usually getting about 5 hours of good quality sleep, it would be amazing to get a full nights comfortable sleep, and from reading other reviews, I think that Simba may be the answer. I would also welcome suggestions on small changes that could improve my sleep quality. Not only that, but I could provide the earlier readings as a comparison so that there are "before" and "after" results.

I would happily review the Simba Mattress for free!! (Just the mattress is payment enough!)
Growing up I had an interesting issue with sleep walking. We would often find I would take off my pyjamas and leave them in various places around the house. It was always the most fun to find where I’d put them in the morning, in front of the fireplace, in the kitchen, front deck... who Knows!? Less commonly I took food from the fridge but I’m pretty certain that I would’ve been awake for that! It only stopped when my mum (a GP) performed some hypnosis on me to get me to stop. Nowadays I’m a very light sleeper and wake up at the smallest noises.
this would be my first
I’m a motivated, adaptable and responsible person having a keen mind enabling me to make sure that business comes first and giving the customer a pleasant experience. Having played sports I know that hard work and determination pays off that’s why I’m willing to start at the bottom and work my way to the top. I pick up things really quickly having done voluntary work without any previous experience.
Hi! I’d love to be a tester for you. I have a history of being able to sleep absolutely anywhere - but since becoming a parent that’s become much, much harder. I’d love to give your mattress a go - the true test will be if I can manage to get a full night’s sleep and be a functioning busy parent by the end of it :)
I have been into keep for for 8 years and for the last 5 years or so have had a great difficulty sleeping, a lot may to do with work stress. I work as a chef lecturer and have a great deal to do with quality assurance which involves a lot of data tracking, analysis and Trends. I would absolutely love to analyse my sleeping patterns over the duration of 4 weeks.
I am a mature student, with 2 part time jobs. Good night sleep is crucial for my everyday existence ;-) I have a dog, a cat and a lovely girlfriend who are more than happy to take most of the bed for themselves.

Other than that I am just a normal guy looking for a decent sleep.
I have not slept properly since 2013 after being a victim of physical violence overseas - I wake up 2-3 times every single night due to flashbacks about the horrible incident, sweating all over, hyperventilating and with palpitations that made me feel physically ill. I was then diagnosed with PTSD April of this year and started seeing a psychologist for cognitive behavioural therapy. I was given sleep hygiene advice but was also advised to 'treat myself' and regard sleep as something I should enjoy rather than something I should be scared of, essentially changing my entire perspective on the concept of sleep (rejuvenating rather than fearing the nightmares). I managed to get a good discount on a Simba Memory Foam pillow on Amazon in June and this, combined with my ongoing therapy has made so much positive difference on my sleep. The pillow is extremely comfortable and although I still get nightmares occasionally, I'm managing 6-8hrs of sleep every night on average ever since. I can't afford to buy a Simba mattress (still saving up for it) so it'll be awesome if I get to test one - but even if I don't get chosen - my thanks to Simba for making my life a little better :)
I Am an early bird , because I never feel comfortable in any bed or mattress that I tried.
I use to have weird nightmares and explosive head syndrome.
I am 42 , housekeeper. I'd love to find the perfect mattress to let me stay in bed on Sunday morning !
Well here goes... I have/ used to have a tendency for sleep walking and talking. My sister had just purchased a new MacBook Pro for her university work. I was sleep walking when I walked across the landing and stood on her computer which she literally brought 3 days before. Immediately as I stood on it I came back to reality as the screen cracked loudly. I went back to bed immediately and pretended nothing had happened the next morning when I was greeted by screaming accusations. I denied it for months. But then, I came home late one night, several months after the incident and fell asleep on the sofa. My parents and her were discussing the matter the previous morning as I was fast asleep. I then admitted to doing it, whilst asleep and essentially shot myself in the foot. I unfortunately, now owe my sister the money to repair it, which the money for this task would be used for haha. But that is how my strange sleeping habits cost me dearly! Thank you for the opportunity.
I absolutely adore sleep- one time I slept right through an entire flight to Thailand - and then proceeded not to spell my own name right on the Visa- all because I was pretty much still asleep. I hear only good things about Simba - would like to feel it for myself :-)
I am a great sleeper. I honestly hope I get this very awesome opportunity.
Rob H.
Having spent the weekend at Glastonbury, I once slept through the all three sets of the womens’ quarter finals at Wimbledon. The tennis was brilliant; I just couldn’t keep my eyes open because it was the perfect temperature for napping. I’m also happy to give up my soul/data in exchange for a mattress and would happily take some tips on how to sleep better. Especially falling asleep in the first instance because I am savagely terrible at that.
I would be more than happy to participate to be a sleep tester. I am currently in the position where I'm looking for a new mattress, but they do cost a lot of money and with two young children, picking the wrong mattress is an alternative mistake to make.
I suffer from a number of health conditions which mean I have a number of issues that effect my sleeping habits, and I and at the point where I am willing to try anything to get a better nights sleep. I find it hard to get into a comfortable position when I'm in bed, which makes it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, I wonder if the Simba mattress will help?
I am also gifted (if that's the right word!) To have as 3 year old who loves to climb into the bed in the middle of the night, so I'll be sure to get his opinion too ;)
I'm straight to the point and won't beat around the bushes with my review, so if you need an honest review, look no further!
I love my sleep! I suffer from chronic sciatica and I struggle with my sleep my current mattress is ok but not brilliant and I am willing to try anything so I feel this would be a rewarding experience.
I just love sleep. Sleep is my second favourite thing, after my dog (of course). I used to have a lovely black leather bed that was fairly low to the ground, which i liked because i could just literally roll out of bed in the morning.

But one morning I woke and i was much lower to the ground... literally on the floor. During the night the legs on my bed had collapsed (i'm hoping it's because the bed was old, not because of my weight haha), and i hadn't even woken up. I then had to endure a few months of a mattress on the floor while i saved for a new bed.

I love sleep that much, the bed collapsed underneath me and i didn't even wake up.
I opened my eyes and i'm at a train station somewhere in England, the midlands, I think but I wasn't sure. Covered in mud, starving hungry and certainly not smelling of roses --- things weren't going to plan.

I was a shell; I'd jumped in lakes, waded through mud and unsuccessfully tried to carry jerry cans in midnight walks around the oxford countryside. And now, thanks to an impromptu snooze, I was several hours in the wrong direction from Cardiff.

Sleep is almost always a force for good, unless you're on a train.
I haven’t had a good nights sleep in a long while, I work 10 hour days and crave that good nights sleep where I will sleep from going to bed till my alarm going off instead of broken sleep, not been able to get comfortable and getting up thro the night
Thank you
For yonks I have been searching for the perfect mattress....mine is 12 years old and ready for the knackered yard.

I love my sleep, I have been known to sleep on trains, planes and automobiles.
The funniest dream is when I was dreaming about a large jet, it fell over in the wind (yes wind!) So I watched on whilst crew tried to hoist it up before take off. I woke myself up howling with laughter... only to find that I was on the plane I was dreaming about surrounded by strangers staring at me.
I did try and explain my dream but unfortunately it wasn't the same haha.
I was glad to get off that flight and get away from the embarrassment.

To be a mattress tester would be amazing! I could find my perfect mattress whilst getting paid.... free fitbit wouldn't go a miss either 😉
I have sleep apnoea and when travelling I sometimes fall asleep but what’s worse is my snoring I snore so loud that once when I fell asleep I cleared a whole bus out all passengers left the bus and the driver had to pull over and wake me up and I ended up getting thrown off the bus because of my snoring being so loud
I love to sleep :) my most recent dream was floating on a simba mattress flying through the sky as i dreamt of beaches and hot climates and my simba bed took me there - i have just ordered it so i was dreaming in anticipation of it coming x its like the miracle potion for beautiful sleep

I’m Claudiu. They say the sea “be a cruel mistress”. But if you ask me, Sleep if one sick S.O.B… I could tell you stories…funny, memorable, outrages, not-so-much-inspiring, but perhaps scary. Have your pick. They’re all true:
It started in kindergarten, when my grandma’ quit taking me there beause she couldn’t get me out of bed. Literally.
While sleeping I’ve been also known: To sleep with my eyes/eye opened; to give someone the bird after his 3rd attempt to wake me up; Not being able to understand people talking to me (in my own language) due to serious lack of sleep; To sleep 3h/night; To fall asleep at a meeting.The following is not the story of how I slept in class, but rather how I slept through class:
In high school, I decided to take a short power nap during recess. I put my head on my desk. Woke up. The French teacher was leaving. A friend clarified: Recess ended. The bell rung. The teacher came, saw me asleep and let me sleep through class. The following week I did what every high schooler in my position would’ve done. I pretended to be asleep 
Recently I’ve watched Joe Rogan’s podcast with Matthew Walker and I’ve tried to implement his advice on sleep but maybe I just have the wrong mattress… I want to mention that I sleep with my fiancé, so if you could make it a double than you’d have hit two(sleepy) birds with one mattress. My fiancé graduated psychology and knows both Sleep and the importance of a study.

Kind Regards,
Claudiu & O.
My craziest sleep story is probably from one of the first nights me and my partner had got our japenese Akita puppy. He had been (and still does) keeping me up because he has separation anxiety and doesn’t like to be left by himself. On about the 7th day of having him I go to bed, feeling like I was going to have an amazing nights sleep because the night before he hadn’t been too bad. Fast forward to the morning, me and my boyfriend walk downstairs and find my dog chomping down on a full bowl of food...with the food all over the floor, and his bowl of water face down on the floor with water everywhere. It turns out that I had gotten up in the night (sleepwalking), walked downstairs, fed our dog food and tried to fill up his water bowl before going back upstairs and laying back down in bed. To this day I always check he hasn’t got any food in his bowl in the morning.
I work 12 hour shifts ranging from 3am starts and evening finishing at 6am in the morning. Sleep is hard for me as my body clock is always adujusting to accommodate my working pattern. I have recently been in the market for a new bed and mattress and been looking at different type like if memory from is better than springs mattresses and so on. Il be a get candidate for this role as I am already slightly knowledgeable about these products and able to give an accurate account of the evidence I will accumulate
I will be great for the task as I do love sleep. My times are set pretty much same time every night, and wake up pretty much same time every morning. My weird sleep expierance would be when I fell asleep on a bus and fell off the seat it was so embarrassing 😂 I would love to be selected and also see if your mattresses could help me sleep better thanks for the opportunity
Ash T.
I find sleep notoriously difficult. This has been for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from Diabetes to Mental Health issues. I often struggle to get comfortable when trying to sleep at night, and would be very happy to try and help a customer make it easy for people like me to sleep a bit easier at night.

In June, during a particularly rough period of difficulties with sleeping, I managed to oversleep through an exam that started at 1:30 in the afternoon!
I've regularly missed stops on buses and trains from being asleep, and I seem to flip wildly between sleeping far too early and far too late at night.
I love to sleep!

However, ever since I was young I have had trouble sleeping the whole night through - I wake up multiple times, and I am eager to discover new products and techniques to help me sleep better and longer.

I am redesigning my bedroom so a new mattress would be amazing.

Also, I have recently graduated university so I am now living back at home, have just started a new job and recently started going to the gym. It has been a time for a lot of change and as you are looking to see how new activities affect sleep, this could be perfect for the both of us. A total win-win situation all round!
Having just moved to London from Yorkshire and started a new job in the city, I'm getting to grips with a whole load of things, so improving my sleep would be smashing!
After sleeping on a train from Bradford to York once (early morning after a night out) I was so befuddled on waking and instantly disembarking that I got on another train thinking I was going to York. The train was to London, I ended up in Peterborough.
Sleep Cycle: I've been watching the Tour de France again this year, so much so I've a tale about sleep cycles!
As a child I did sleep walk fairly often. Last week I woke up on my exercise bike! Since I had gone to bed I seem to have clocked up an additional 20km. If that wasn't disturbing enough, I then had to get up, get ready for work and cycle to work!
Hi Steve
I think I would be great for this task as it would prove just how good your mattresses are if you could actually give me a decent nights sleep! I spent 13 years on a full shift pattern and then 17 years travelling overseas to different time zones nearly every week. Thanks to this my sleep is terrible and I would LOVE to finally get a good nights sleep.
Thanks Tina
As a single mother of 3 kids, I’m pretty sure any parent would agree that sleep is a commodity that, without it, you simply feel like having the earth swollow you up. After a busy day it can be hard to get to sleep, my mind races, my muscles are tense and I think of all the things I need to get done tomorrow. So anything that helps me sleep better, function better and enjoy my mummy time is a winner with me.

But! We must remember mattress’ are not just for sleeping. My bed, at about 6am, becomes snuggle heaven, when 3 little people join me. Little people are full of so much joy and happiness first thing, and a comfy mattress would make this time even more magical. Plus you’d get 4 product testers for the price of 1. Bargain.

Plus, dare I say, mattresses are pretty good for other bedtime activities too, hu hum, which I may also be able to test out too for you. Because who are we kidding, a good mattress often leads to good.....

I was a mystery shopper for 2 years, so feel confident I’d be able to provide you with reliable feedback and a well written story of my experience in your trial. I also wear a Fitbit 24/7 anyway, so am used to it’s interaction in my daily life.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards
i love to sleep i sleep most of the time please get in touch
I’ve fallen asleep anywhere, central line/peoples shoulders/company events. Let’s see how good the simba sleep is.
What an absolutely amazing project, I’d love to be involved, it’ll be great to see how much sleep I actually get each night? Plus I’m in need of a new mattress and would totally love a Simba mattress :-)
I have done lots of things in my sleep...some of which I may not be able to say here but lets just say I woke up in a very good mood one morning!

I very much struggle with my sleep, never manage to sleep throughout the whole night and I sometimes experience night terrors. I'd love to see if the SImba mattress can make a difference.
A. I live to sleep.
B. I work in the nhs so long shifts!
C. I have a chronic illness that requires I have a comfortable mattress
D. I record my sleep quality, patterns and length.
E. Sleep hygiene is so important and I believe I can help you guys potentially show this to everybody. It’s a big deal.
F. I am so ready to help you guys out. Heck I’d even do it just to try the mattress!
I need sleep. I mean, I know everyone says that but I really do. I slipped a disc when I was 7 months pregnant and I basically haven’t had a good night’s sleep since. I now have a child who is NEARLY SIX. That’s a grand total of - um, ok, I’m bad at maths - but it’s A LOT. So that’s why I need some sleep, but why would you want me to try out one of your lovely mattresses? Well, I’ve started a blog (Wait! Hear me out!) which has a poetic twist, and while it’s still small at the moment, every seed needs watering! Check out The Parent Poet on socials if you’d like to take a look. :-) I’m also not new to this reviewing malarkey, with a background in features journalism and marketing. So, there’s my pitch. Please give me a good nights’ sleep Simba. I’m so tired I can hardly finish my senten...
Well well well! This is the task for me. I am a new mum, teacher and netballer with aches my ikea mattress can not heal. I’ve been complaining about it to my partner for a year now. Sounds like you could help me and I could help you!
I’m outgoing and could definitely express my opinions on social media etc confidently if you chooozzzzzzzeeee me (see what I did there).

Sleep story I tried to think of a funny story but most of those involve a night out which is probably not actually funny like falling asleep in a bath. So I thought a memorable story would be better. So a few years ago my dad passed away from cancer and I remember he was asleep in hospital what we thought was going to be for the last time. When I kissed him to leave he woke up and it was like he wasn’t ill. He was himself we talked and laughed and It was so nice. I said i love you he said bye babe like he always did.........Then I woke up! I was actually asleep in the hospital next to him, he never woke up and to this day I think it was him talking to me before he left even if that sounds crazy. It’s a story I hope people think actually there is life after death and I don’t often get the chance to tell it.
Even if you don’t choose me anyone reading this going though something it does get better I’m sure there is something else out there. Love and light x
As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia for 27 months, I slept on a bed that had me shaped like a taco. The mattress had to have been from Soviet times and I could feel the springs digging into my back. I’ve slept on my fair share of bad beds, it’s about time I sleep on a Simba Mattress:)
I am one of those strange people who can sleep all day long and quite often needing naps in the afternoon! Sleep is my hobby. Please get in touch to discuss this opportunity further!
Eve J.
Dream job! We have a memory foam but with me liking to be cool and the hubby liking to be super cosy warm we struggle daily.
I have a Garmin that tracks sleep, it's not looking pretty. I wake up feeling sleepy and it's no fun anymore.
I was recommended a Simba mattress recently by 2 colleagues so have just begun to have a look and see what's what.
I love social media and would happily share away my experience on multiple FB pages/groups, Twitter and Instagram.
This is the first time I've heard of Airtastker. Can't wait to have a nose.
Max R.
I am a gym goer and sleep a lot! I have trouble with sleep and have even paid £400 for a sleep analysis! Plus I need a new mattress!
Myself and my wife both have trouble sleeping. I have trouble getting to sleep whilst my wife can’t seem to stay asleep. I some times stay awake till 4 or 5 in the morning. This annoys my wife as I either toss and turn in bed stopping her to get to sleep. Once I do, my wife often wakes up during the night meaning that it wakes me up and sometimes I go to work with barely an hours sleep.
With the constant lack of sleep I often have to sleep on the train. This means my fellow travellers have to see me sleep, mouth wide open. It’s even caused a poor traveller harm. Whilst falling asleep the train stopped and I was jolted back to consciousness. The jolt caused my leg to involuntarily kick out, right into the shin of a man totally minding his own business.

As I mentioned my wife doesn’t have much more luck. Being a teacher she has to deal with constant stress of dealing with 30+ children, their parents whilst planning lessons and marking work and homework. By the end of the term and certainly by the end of the school year my wife is physically and emotionally tired. The first couple of weeks of the school holiday involves her basically in bed, trying to catch up on the sleep she has missed.

The opportunity to to take part in this once in a life time experience may help not only myself but my wife and the children she teaches.
Hello Steve and the Simba Team!

This sounds like an amazing offer as I love sleeping! And I make sure I get my 8 hours of beauty sleep each night!

I have read a lot about how important sleep for us and the long and short term affects of not getting enough sleep. Thus I believe it is very important for us.

I was on a date and fell asleep on the train. Only to be woken up at the last stop and realised I had missed my stop. So I had to travel back to my destination and ended up being late!

As a person I'm very honest and hence would give you my honest opinion about the mattress and product. I certainly wouldn't tell you what you want to hear!

I hope to hear from you soon and also wish you and the Simba team the very best!

Kind regards,

Mother of 2 children...not a had solid nights sleep in 10 years. My3 year old loves getting in to bed with us at which effects sleep massively. Over the years my sleep quality has deteriorated, would live this opportunity to claim sleep back.
Ben T.
Shift worker, in Greater London for the NHS.
Sleep patterns are very typical of all healthcare and shift workers. Day and night. Early and late. Light and dark.
Regularly fight the “nodding dog” effect at 4am or on commute home from shift.
Currently sleeping on a lovely, but end of life mattress. Apparently nightshifts are linked with early onset of dementia and lower life expectancy. Can a mattress make a difference to this ....
The husband is having some restless sleep causing some random dreams, the other night he'd taken me to Liverpool on a bike, I then left him to bring home two bikes & an umbrella 😂 Our mattress is due for renewal, a Relyon mattress that has served us well over 10yrs, we have been watching the Simba adverts and reading reviews on the mattress. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and have awful pain in my hips so we need the correct mattress and to be honest the husband needs help with stopping those weird dreams 😂 I know how important a good mattress is, I hear daily how people sleep as I work as a housekeeper at Brig O Doon.
My 2 worst sleeping story’s have to be due to my sleep walking, I can tend to be a sleep walker/ talker...
one time I came downstairs pulled my trousers down and began to sit on the couch my family grabbed me in disbelief and hurried me to the toilet!

The second one was when I was staying at my family’s farm and decided to take a sleepwalk in the field around with the cows, I was found a few hours later curled up on a bail of hay!!

Let’s see if anything can help my walking ways.
Hello there,

There is not much to say about this, as this is a dream come true to get paid for the thing I love doing most which is sleeping. Hopefully you take me into consideration.

Thank you.
Every night i get woken up 3 times by grubby looking fellows covered in cobwebs! Ghost of mattress past, ghost of mattress present and ghost of mattress future! The ghost of mattress future tells me i will be chosen for this task so please please can we get on with it so i can get back to having a good nights undisturbed 💤!! Kind thanks
My spirit animal is a Sloth! If I could spend 24 hours sleeping I absolutely would! I fact, I have... Last year in the middle of winter I hibernated for a full day!! I went to sleep on 12th December at about 11pm and woke up on the 14th December at 9am!!! I wasn’t Ill or drunk just tired! I’m always tired but that was next level sloth mode. Also I am known for sleeping in awkward places. If I visit friends and they don’t have a spare bed I will sleep in a random position... upside down with my legs crossed in a chair, stood up leaning against a cupboard/wardrobe or even just straight up on the floor with my butt sticking in the air! Sleep is important! So I will find a way to sleep anywhere!
I would be great for this task. I'm currently on a lumpy mattress my dog ripped apart while he was a puppy (he's 2 now and doesn't do this anymore).

I love my sleep but find getting good rest difficult atm due to my mattress and working night shift. It would be interesting to see if the mattress would assist with that.

I have been described as a heavy sleeper in the past but I'm easily awoken at the minute so my sleep is quite broken.

I'm fully willing to adapt to any small lifestyle changes required in this task. Anything that may assist my sleep is of benefit to me tbh.

I can't express how much I want to be a part of this task. That's why I've cut my offer by such a large amount.

My best sleep story is falling asleep sitting upright in my best friends boyfriends house. when they got up she tried quite hard to wake me. she even snapped my underwear band under my trousers. Nothing worked. He spoke, said 'shes out cold' and i snapped awake like I was escaping a demon in my dreams. The unfamiliar sound woke me.
My parents often refer to how my sisters and I used to sleep through loud heavy metal music when we were kids. This was no mean feat as when my parents ran the music for charity discos we could be found fast asleep behind our 400watt speakers when it got passed our bedtime. There has, however, always been one sure way to wake me up - whisper the word 'dinner', (or perhaps just anything food related) and I wake up straight away.

I don't like mattresses, or perhaps I should say I don't think they like me. They move too much and give me back ache. My litmus test is whether a cup of water remains still in the middle of the bed when the edge is jumped on (my own unique sort of Princess and the pea complex). For at least a decade I slept on the floor on just a thin layer of foam, and decades on I sleep on a couple of layers of foam directly on top of a wooden base.

Whether it's sleeping whilst standing up on the tube or huddled under a table out of the way somewhere at work during a break, I find the most useful approach is to pretend to be asleep until it becomes reality. You've got to ignore the noise - no matter how loud or quiet it is (including the interesting conversations you overhear whilst people think you are asleep).
Hæ, hæ!

Best sleep ever was in the Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland during a massage session which I' d recommend. I also fell asleep during a dental procedure on another occasion. So I enjoy excessive sleep times, due to my excessive exercise routine I guess.

Bestu Kv (Best Wishes)
When I was 16-17 I had tv series like dreams!!! There was a old brewery water reservoir in my town and there were soliders,gunfire, mines everywhere. I was dressed as comando with big guns and rpgs. Helicopter was hoovering over the water with bad guys and my mum in it. I had to save her ,i managed to climed up inside and....cut, i woke up! I got on with my day,went to sleep following night and...action! I am back in that helicopter, fighting bad guys and saving my mum. We got out eventually, I blew up the bad guys, and me and my mum escaped through warzone to safety to old building nearby. We trying to hide and we came across bunch of scared kids. I have to save them too. We trying to get out the building....Alarm wet off and i woke up. Such a weird dream I thought, and again I went on with my day. Went to bed ,fell asleep and Im back in that building with all those kids and mum! Bad guys everywhere, fire, planes, special team showed up to help me, apparently I was their commander. We escaped via tunnels that we were digging for hours and found safety in campsite in the forrest... What happened next i have no idea, never came back to that dream. It was weirdest dreams I ever had. It was like A-Team / Mission Impossible movie, proper action and visual effects. But surprising thing was that 3 night in a row I came back to the dream right were everything stopped when i woke up. Dream like that never happened again. I will remember it for years and play it in my head like tv:)
At my old job, over Christmas holidays we had 1/3 of the staff take holidays. So our 3 shift rotation was filled by 2 crews of people. So for 2 weeks, we worked 8hrs on, 8hrs off. At this time i didnt have a licence so I had a 1hr bike ride before and after work. On the last shift, i was doing a job that required me to stand and watch a conveyor belt. So I leant forward, rested my head on the machine, and fell asleep standing up. This worked perfectly for 20mins until my knees buckled and I fell onto the conveyor belt, ruining the load of peanuts. Needless to ay, I could have used one of your mattresses then, and I would gladly have one now!!
I am 6f5 and always struggle to get comfy in bed. Simba is meant to work with your body and I am hoping it will relieve tension in my lower back
I've slept on a Simba mattress before and it was one of the best nights sleep ever! I work shifts so my varied sleep pattern could really help your research :-)
Some can sleep on a string, I prefer to sleep on the precarious rocky climb up a mountainside: after multiple consecutive days of juggling work, study and activities leaving me with a Thatcher-esque sleep quota, I folded my laptop lid come 5pm on a Friday and decided the perfect remedy would be some escapism.
Reaching the southern Scottish Highlands at 10pm on a glorious midsummer evening I wheeled my bike towards the black peaky mass on the horizon. Two hours and several “I’ll stop after this next bend”s later, I paused to rest on the comfiest-looking boulder, with my hefty backpack serving as the perfect support. Propping my bike up against my leg on the 3ft-wide path, I marvelled at the drops to the blackness of the reservoir beneath me, contrasted against the last pink hues in the sky. When I looked back, all was plunged into darkness with only the light of the full moon highlighting the edges of the rocks. Quietly mumbling my appreciations to the fates that had kept me upright during my impromptu nap, I made the remaining shaky ascent and wrestled with the tent canvas billowing in the winds nearly 1km up in the sky. I soon nestled down between two hillocks for a quiet night disturbed only by sheep.
Next time I am counting sheep, I would love a mattress comprising more than heather and moss! Thank you.
My worst sleep story was not exactly on the job but involved me sleeping past the time I was supposed to be live on tv for work. One of those mornings that you wonder if your alarm tried to sabotage you. This was not one of those jobs that someone could help cover for me. The entire nation would see that I was not there. So having woken up exactly when we were to go live, I rushed to the studio and smacked a bit of make up on otherwise I would look like a zombie, told my producer the truth about waking up late, because I'm a bad liar and he would go down if he didn't make sure I joined in seamlessly. It was a scary experiencd but thank God we pulled it off.

These days I am a fairly light sleeper partly because of a mattress than has reached expiration date and before of the stress of work. I am always switched on! I am half of a whole, which includes my husband. He will be a co sleep tester as we have been struggling to find the perfect mattress to suit both our different needs. He likes a hard mattress, I want it soft!

Let's see if Simba has the magic touch!
Tim C.
When I worked for a fully immersive video game centre I would shut myslef in a pod, mark it as broken on the computer and nap part of my work day away.

Currently healthy eating and hitting the gym five times a week, would love to see what a difference to my energy levels a good nights sleep can make.
With the type of job I do I always look forward to come home to a comfortable bed.
I remember going to church once and falling asleep during the service and I was snoring so loud the lady sitting next to me had to nudge me very hard to wake me up as I was already leaning my head on her shoulders.i was so embarrassed as I noticed when I open my eyes that few people sitting around me were either laughing or staring at me.
This role will be prefect for me. I have experienced various aches and pains over the years from sleeping on mattresses that were not so good.
This role will be perfect for me as I want to experience a great nice sleep and use a mattress that is able to manage my body weight without me feeling aches in the morning or waking up feeling like I have not even slept much at all
My partner and I work different hours so there will be a mixture of solo sleep and us in there together, we have a dog also so the edges will be tested (she wedges in between us) I am 6'2" and 120KG and my misses is a lot smaller so weight distribution will be challenged. All in all a conprehensive review to be had.

Amusing tale- I once fell asleep on a train platform of an hourly train... narrowly missed it..... twice!!
Hi Steve,

I would love to be apart of this trial as I tend to nap a lot whenever I have free time! I wonder if a better sleep at night would help me be more willing to be awake during the day :)

I would be great for this task because I have tried every lotion potion and pill to sleep better but none of them work but if a bed can change all that I would be a happier person and would recommend to everyone.
Aj B.
After a night out, i became sleepy and decided that a golf bunker would make a great bed, after a restless hour, and unable to sleep well, i saw a tipper van sitting, "perfect" i thought, so i jumped on and woke up 6 hours later, with a wheel barrow for a duvet and a bag of quick cement for a pillow. The best part... I woke up 70 miles away from where i initially hopped in the van. The guy left me there for a good laugh and kindly drove me home. I bought him a pint and hes now a great friend :)
I could do this lying down and with my eyes closed!

Does my offer seem a little high for you? You're actually getting a great deal here! I will complete this task with my partner so you'll be paying two people and only having to provide one mattress! We would be perfect for the task, I am a fairly "normal" sleeper, although I can find it hard to get up in the mornings and sometimes get sleepy mid afternoon and my partner rarely complains of feeling tired, yet he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat at the most random times. A few months back he fell asleep during a Blue Man Group performance!

We are happy to follow any instructions you give to us and will provide great feedback to you. :D
I feel i would be great or my daughter as we always have a conversation about our sleep and dreams everyday. I would also like the opportunity to try the matress as i was tempted to purchase before and friends and family have asked me to trial mattresses but also to apply for a job as im non stop trying to review beds. Please give me this opportunity to help you best review this product.
Many thanks
I will be the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! for this task because firstly I love my sleep. Who doesn't like sleep. And a good sleep goes a long way to make my day or even week better and one of things that contribute to a good sleep is a good mattress!
I have always thrived on my beauty sleep and am available currently for a task like this. I would love to help you and take part.
I could be a great sleeper! In fact I'd do it every night given half a chance! As a mother of 4 boys I frequently end up with 1 of them snuggled into me through the night. It has been known for me to fall asleep on the toilet through the night - when stone cold sober! Sleep deprivation is torture and yes I have created a tiny army that torture me quite often! I would love to help and see if my sleep improves!
Always down for participating in any study... and to quote a well known supermarket brand 'every little helps'.

I used to be able to sleep like a log... in fact one time my sister had to break into the house because I was sleeping so deeply... she came up stairs, shook me and screamed in my face but nothing woke me... hours later I came down stairs & wondered how she had gotten in the house.

Since then, I have moved, had poor health, suffered from depression (with some crazy dreams from the medication) but generally suffer from varying degrees of insomnia added to the fact I over-heat loads so even in the most Baltic winter I have a 4tog quilt & purchase 'cooling gel' pillows - I crave to know why I can't sleep like I used to, if a trial like this would help me & others I'm all for it. Cheers Warren
My sleeping pattern is generally regular. I like my 8 hours. Though I've been known to snooze throughout whole movies (Dunkirk for one 😅)
Hi! As an 18 year old, one of my key talents is sleeping. I have been known to sleep in Baths, kitchen counters or simply on the floor if required, and would be really dedicated to making sure you guys get accurate and reliable results for the tests. I really hope you consider my application as I do truly think I could do a really good job! thanks so much x
I’d not just be perfect for this, you’d be actually performing a community service by getting my sleep cycle back into swing.
You’ll save my husband and family members from “sunny” disposition after yet another night of dodgy zzzz’s.
**** they’ll pay YOU £600 for the pleasure.
You see me and sleep used to be best buddies, I’d go so far as to say I’d have actually considered it a hobby. My husband was always amazed how i could knock out a good 2hr nap on a Sunday and then still nod off quite happily that night.
Fast forward to now, we been moving house, jumping between friends guest beds (where they passively aggressively encourage you to leave with dodgy mattresses and lumpy pillows) and a fold out futon at our new place. Went to get our old mattress out of storage and alas it has not faired well. New house needs Windows, doors so a mattress atm is way down the list.
Developed all the bad habits with the chaos of moving. Eating too late - check , eating junk - check, checking emails with the dreaded blue light into the wee small hours -check, lack of excercise (unless lugging packing boxes counts) check. So you see simba it’s all went a bit Pete Tong here . But we’re finally making headway so I’m poised to try and find the inner sleep queen in me! I’ll take all the direction you can give me!
Hey and I promise if you can cheer me up and get me back to my old self we’ll call the first kid Simba 😝😉
This is super interesting my sleep is important to me and I would love to take part in something that involves sleeping, its a win-win.
I think I would be very well suited to this task as I love sleep, I get grumpy if I do not get enough sleep and try to make the most of my nights in bed, although I have not always slept that well. I once managed to sleep through a smoke alarm going off directly outside my bedroom door. I have started to make a few life style changes lately including eating healthier, losing weight and exercising more, and I have started to notice a difference in my sleeping already, I am not laying awake for as long trying to sleep. I would really enjoy taking part in this task, and think I would be able to bring beneficial results to your research.
I know I will be best for this task as I have a busy life style and when it comes to sleep I make sure I make the most out of it. I think the last time I fell asleep while doing something was when I was feeding my baby oops so I don't think it can get better than that lol

I’m Assya. A 21 year old business management student.

I was once so drunk I ended up falling asleep from London Liverpool Street to standard airport! I was so embarrassed but I just laughed the whole way home. I then had to come back into Tottenham Hale to go home. So annoying!!
Kay K.
I would be great for the task because I’ am very reliable, driven and hard working. I am also interested in this type of research and would like to know more about it. Hopefully I can take part in more studies like the in the near future.
I am bubbly outgoing person, who is a team player. I offer an excellent work ethos with an outstanding customer experience. I am able to provide constructive criticism that would improve production.
I am renound for how sleepy I am. I’m always sleeping, spending most of my weekends catching up on the sleep I miss out on on weekdays. Who else is better for the job? (No one!)
I am very intrigued by this ad. I have been reading into REM sleep and lucid dreaming and this will connect well with my knowledge.
I love sleep, especially a good night's sleep. I can sleep just about anywhere and once travelled from one end of the central line to the other and back again and then again because I kept falling asleep and missing my stop. However, no sleep is ever as good or refreshing as a sleep in your bed. I can always differentiate between a good night's sleep and a bad night's sleep but I would love to learn more about my sleeping patterns, what can help lead to a re-energising sleep, what hinders a good night's sleep and how much difference can a good mattress really make to your sleep.
Now i've had my son I know the real importance of sleep! I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle including tracking the amount of sleep i am getting for an overall better balance with my fitbit and was looking to invest in a new mattress. This opportunity sounds very beneficial to me as it is something i had started but not fully so I would love to get involved and have the support :)
Hi Steve,

I’m 26 years old and have recently moved to London from New Zealand. I’ve got a whole pile of stories from other people’s perspectives of my sleep patterns over the years. I am an avid sleep talker and have sometimes woken up to myself mumbling something in my sleep. But over the years of sharing rooms on holiday and at home I’ve been told a few very odd tales, people have had conversations with me in the early hours I have no recollection of, and recently in my sleep I’ve started to burst in to laughter waking up anyone around me with annoyance as neither of us have any idea what was so funny. I have no problem falling asleep and will sleep through earthquakes and alarms but I struggle to get up in the morning and am quite often late. I believe I am not getting the restful sleep that I need and this study could quite potentially do me wonders. Please consider me for one of your dream-dummy positions.

I sleep every day and I'm very interested in helping to further research.
James D.
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I have many tales of sleep shenanigans some probably are best not shared on here.Glastonbury watching Radiohead. They were the last set of the night. I'd. Wanted to see them for years. I was there with a group. We started off in the middle of the crowd. But in my elevation at finally seeing the band play I surged my way forward with the assumption that my friends were following closely by. I got to the front...the loss of my friends was now a mere distant after the times when you were a child and you were in the sweet shop and all other noises and ideas are just distractions. The gig finished...and for a moment I had that feeling of tranquility...this inner peace was soon to be shattered...where were my friends. The anxiety-I can't remember where the tent is. The next 3 hrs were spent stumbling around in the darkness,tripping over tent pegs and trying to avoid falling into other people tents. Disaster. I couldn't find them. Well al fresco sleeping was looking a little more al fresco than I'd imagined. I succombé to just laying on the floor and curling into a ball. The ground was slightly moist and dense. Slowly the exhaustion of the last few hours meant my eyelids slowly sunk.Hey,hey you'.I was awoken by two moon lit faces...why are you sleeping there. I have no idea how long I'd been asleep 5mins 3 hrs who knows. In the true spirit of Glastonbury they let me sleep in tent. Next Morning I awoke...'oh there you are'.-I'm 2m from my tent!
I had always been a good sleeper. I'd been known to fall asleep in speakers at raves.

As a psych nurse, I've always wanged on about the importance of good sleep for your mental state. Then along came depression, insomnia and a sleep hating toddler and now I realise how hard it is. Last night, I spent 3 hours sleeping on the landing thanks to my son's separation anxiety. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to slide back across the floor and into a Simba, to ensure the sleep I am getting is of top quality! ;)
I used to be the queen of sleep. I was infamous within my circle for being able to sleep anywhere and everywhere, even directly under a speaker in a nightclub once. I slept so easily and so often that my doctor sent me to specialists to study it 😳

And then I had a kid.

It started with the last uncomfortable months of pregnancy, where I would slowly shift my bulk from one awkward position to another, never quite finding that sweet spot that would provide blessed oblivion for a few hours.

The arrival of our Loinspawn didn’t improve matters. Within a few short weeks we were Co-sleeping....when it’s a case of getting some sleep vs none at all...some will win every time! As he grew, the bed felt smaller and more uncomfortable, and I still couldn’t find dreamland often.

Two years in, and efforts to convince the toddlebot to stay in his own room are slowly improving....but our mattress (and my ability to sleep) is buggered. Two years of grown adults clinging desperately to its edges, while our cherub gleefully starfishes like Esther Williams in the centre, have killed it dead! I guarantee you that we can give your mattress the workout of its life!
Stella O.
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Hi Steve,

I have wonderful dreams. I levitate a lot. Anyone chasing me cannot catch me as I get lifted somehow in the air and whoever is chasing me is left looking up in disbelief. I just walk along in the air and land when I'm ready.
A new mattress will be excellent and to be paid to sleep is an added bonus.

My boyfriend talking in his sleep: "I lost the penguin." "Quit flying and sit down."

My significant other is an incurable sleep-talker and light sleeper whose dreams often get in the way of my own! I would love to be part of a study to find out if there is a way to better rest for people who may be disrupted by a partner or by noise during the night.
In university halls I was woken up by security knocking on my neighbour's bedroom door yelling, "WE KNOW ABOUT THE CHICKENS." He opened the door and four chickens scurried out.

I would love to be chosen for this task because I have very disturbed sleep and would like to test whether there are any changes that I can make that would really bring me back to sleeping through the night the way I used to.
I have loads of experience sleeping 🤣 Almost every night I wake to use the bathroom, and also wake myself up with my arms elevated scratching them. No idea why. My Fitbit usually says I spend on average 1.5 hours awake/unsettled would love to have better sleep!
I actually have very poor sleep and I sleep fitfully. I take a long time to find a comfortable position to fall asleep and I wake up in the middle of the night often. I would love to help find a way to improve my own sleep and if it helps others sleep better then thats fantastic!
I love to sleep but unfortunately dont get as much as i would love to due to noisy housemates. However when i do fall asleep and wake up i like to stay in bed until i feel physically able to move.
I would be great tester as i believe you would also need someone who has trouble slezping in order to know if the mattress can help with that ect...
I would be great for this task, I’m 25 weeks pregnant with a very bad back so I spend most of my time sleeping or lying down in general!! I use any excuse to snuggle in bed with my six year old to watch a film, I can fall asleep very easily but I am struggling with my back more and more at the moment so would love to give the simba a try and see if it improves my back and over all quality of sleep.
I would be perfect for this job as I have self diagnosed myself with Narcolepsy! I can sleep and fall asleep anywhere! I fell asleep having a big tattoo on my hip!
My name is Lani from Aus. I am a mother of a 3yr. I used to sleep like a log at night. If there was a fire, you would not be able to wake me, were the stories I would hear from my husband & family. Now that I am a Mum. I struggle to switch off at night & rarely get a full nights sleep... Even if I drink a bottle of wine!!!!
We have tried pocket sprung med & firm mattresses since living here. Though getting to sleep or getting comfortable is always a struggle. We sleep in a king but my friend had this amazing queen mattress. It was so amazing, that sleeping in a smaller bed wasn’t an issue for my husband & I. We just completely passed. I have been searching for the perfect mattress like my friends & still haven’t found one that compares. It would be so nice to sleep through the night for a change with a snoring husband and not fall asleep at midnight & wake up for my little one at 630am.
Im perfect for this task as i can literally fall asleep when i want and where i want ! Not going to bore you to much but ive fell asleep at a football match for example ! And i do love sleeping !
I would love to take part in this task because I’d love to test the Simba mattresses but equally if you just need help sorting through all these thousands of offers let me know!!
Thank you :)
Sleep and I have a varied relationship that is often requited. A fond memory (at my own expense) is during secondary school when I overslept until 11am only to be met with a suspiciously silent house and a quiet street. This led to me panicking and somehow believing that the end of the world had occurred and despite all odds, I was the only one left behind. This was short lived when a less than friendly head of year called questioning my absence, culminating with a young, disoriented me having to rush to school. As someone who treasures sleep and believes that it is central to an effective day, I appreciate the need for a mattress that epitomises value and quality in an already saturated market.

Simply put, I enjoy sleep. I hope that I can ultimately test your mattress and decide whether you are deserving of the title ‘Mattress (Lion) King’.
Sleep is somthing Like most people I enjoy and look forward to however unlike some can come with its challenges. Personally, a number of different variables effects my ability to get a fully rewarding sleep. Diet, stress and bouts of totally unexplainable insomnia. However on good days I can sleep like a bear mid hibernation. The only consistency within my sleeping pattern is every morning I have to fight the internal voices coaching me to just have 5 more minutes, while I pretend I haven’t heard the snooze alarm for the 10th time.
Weirdest place I have ever fallen asleep was on a battlefield on the back of my horse. I do medieval historical reenactment and one of my fellow reenactors had 'killed' me, so I lay across my horses back waiting for the show to end. It was so warm in all the maille and armour that I ended up drifting off to sleep. I woke up when one of the guys poked me and said he could hear me snoring through my full face helmet!

I am a yoga teacher in the U.K. but I often travel a lot with yoga/surf retreats so a few months back the jet lag had finally hit me and whilst i was teaching a class of about 30 students who were all in Savasana (final relaxation pose)... I fell asleep whilst they were all lying down so peacefully. After the class had overrun by 20minutes (due to me being passed out) I was suddenly woken up by my students shaking me back to life! Luckily I have a solid 9 months with no travel ahead of me so I would love to try out your task as I’m so excited to get some decent sleep! Namaste 🙏
I have trouble falling asleep at times, especially in the hot weather. During a heatwave last year, I thought I would make myself a "cold" water bottle. This is where I freeze a hot water bottle and hold it to sleep to combat the heat. During this time, I also thought I would try to listen ocean waves to clear my mind. Another tactic for me to combat sleep. I would also drink a glass of cool water to stay hydrated.

A few hours into my slumber after finally falling asleep... and listening to ocean waves... I realised there was something very wet on my thighs.

It was cold and damp... to my horror and disgust... I thought I may have urinated on myself. I jumped up out of bed and rushed to shower.

Feeling refreshed but with a lack of sleep... I realised the wet patch on the bed had expanded.

Curious... I went to it and decided to touch it... the wet patch was cool and I looked at the water bottle... before realising the water bottle was leaking! I didn't notice when I first held it as it was frozen.

Feeling much better about myself and after clearing the my bed... I tried the same routine to fall asleep... with slightly better results.
It started when I fell asleep sitting next to a prospective new boss in a meeting. Amazingly I still got the job! Problems continued when I fell asleep on a 15 minute train journey and woke up 2 hours later in Huddersfield and had to find a hotel. It turns out I had cancer.
Although I'm in remission (almost 2 years - hooray!) I sometimes have trouble falling asleep after my operation. With the very welcome help of a fitbit and Simba the lion king of mattresses, I'm sure I could become again the queen of healthy sleep!
Being a mathematician I'm also used to handling data in my sleep so in all probability I'll be a perfect subject for you!
Over the past few years I have had problems with my sleeping and have thought it was my mattress so being able to test a new mattress and see if it helps with my sleep would be great I am able to help your company and in return you can help with my sleep
I am no stranger to sleep, of course, but me and sleep are like siblings who fight alot. Some nights i just cannot got to sleep and the other nights i can, well, i always wake up strangely, for example, i move around so much in my sleep that i actually woke up doing a headstand on the floor next to my bed. I think i would be a great person to carry out this take because if this matteress can improve my sleep then its a mirical!
When it comes to sleep, I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do. I've donned pyjamas on the train after all-nighters in London (& then dropped off & missed my stop), and i've even fallen asleep sat up in bars (one particularly sleepy evening was in Portsmouth). Catching zzzz's is probably my most favourite thing to do, & it's one of my fortés in life! :)
I would be perfect for this. I’m disabled and a new mattress would be a gift from heaven. Especially as I have to spend a lot of time in bed.
Sleep talking is funny but when you’ve needed help for insomnia or when the fatigue hits. It’s no fun sleeping on a mattress that’s years old.
My family and I would be perfect candidates. My partner works full time. And then she has to come home and care for me and our 7 year old. Please help us. Thank you
I’ve been struggling with my sleep for years, working king and hard, falling asleep in late night meetings (although I’ve never mistakenly agreed to move to Tulsa) and I’ve recently been inspired by a book - ‘Sleep smarter’ - to, well, sleep smarter! I’m embarking on a journey of improvement and physical optimisation. I’m fascinated by the idea of being able to ‘hack your sleep’ and relish the opportunity to take part in such an experiment.
I’m really good at sleeping.
Having tracked my sleep for over 3 years using various devices, I’m used to wearing a piece of tech to sleep. If it’s useful, I can provide you with that data as a comparison.
Since a bad accident resulting in a fractured pelvis nearly 3 years ago, I’ve struggled to get a decent nights sleep due to experiencing pressure points with “normal” mattresses. I’ve tried foam toppers, feather toppers &